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Mixed-up Colors



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Never mind my enquiry. It looks like vice versa! I think I have the answer.


Using RGB codes, it appears that the bluish color in the bottom row (middle) belongs to the top row. All of the top row colors and the one with the bluish tint below have RGB codes that contain 85, 170 and 255 in any order. The other 4 have more than two of each. Easier to see when looking at the negatives ...  0, 85 and 170 being essential. The remaining ones in the bottom row have either two zeros or two 170s, i.e. 2x85 or 2x255 in the positive config.


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1 hour ago, TimeSpaceLightForce said:

Can you pick the misplaced color that belongs to the other row of colors? Which one is it?



Tough.  I might not even be on the right track, but I think it's the top right.

The filename is N2vd1.png.12e9edc95937c6e48ebdfd71093cdf49.png

We can break this down and remove the non-hexy bits and get 12e9edc95937c6e48ebdfd71093cdf49. 

First, I tried just converting that to ASCII, but it was gibberish.  Better, probably was breaking it into RGB chunks and converting those to hex colours.  But the string is 32 hexy bits* long.

So I tried a few methods:  first, I tried taking the first six, then the next six, and so on, dropping the last two.  That should give us five colours, which makes sense.  Then we could use the last 6 and go backward and drop the first two.  That seems pretty clever, since it would give us two groups of five colours each.  Sadly, it doesn't work.

So next I went with the first 6, then I skipped the first digit, then the first two digits, and so on.  It looks....closer.  I'm sure there's a way to sample the colours given (probably in paint.net or GIMP) to get their hex value.  Comparing hex values is a lot easier for me than using MSPaint to copy part of the sample given and paste to compare.

I'm sure, given more time and attention, I could say for sure which colour is out of place, as I'm pretty sure that appendage to the file name is key.

*Note: Bits here means pieces, not bits as in binary bits.  Obviously.

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