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Russian Roulette



You and four friends are playing Russian roulette, one bullet is in a chamber of a six chamber gun.  Each of you must take a shot from the gun.  The chamber will only be spun once, before anyone has taken a shot.  If you got to chose, which position, 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, or 5th would best help your chances of survival?

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Don't see how it matters, unless ...


You do more than "take a shot."

If you keep shooting until someone is killed, then just don't be the first to shoot.
Why? Because a bullet in either of chambers 1 and 6 will kill the first shooter.
The other four shooters have a 1/6 death probability.


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After the chamber is spun , the bullet can only occupy 6 positions .



And in going through all the positions :

  1. bullet in 1st position -- 1st guy loses
  2. bullet in 2nd position -- 2nd guy loses
  3. bullet in 3rd position -- 3rd guy loses 
  4. bullet in 4th position -- 4th guy loses
  5. bullet in 5th position -- 5th guy loses 
  6. bullet in 6th position -- 1st guy loses

And since these are all the possibilities that can happen and there are no other possible outcomes , 
the position at 2nd , 3rd , 4th and 5th are the safest with 1/6 chance of lossing .
This is pretty much it I guess.... tell me if I am wrong.



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