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Using only a straight edge

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Using only a straight edge, construct a perpendicular to the drawn diameter of a circle, from a point P outside the circle.






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starting  with 3 points..
connect P  to diameter ends to make the points 4 & 5 on circumference
connect these points to opposite diameter ends to make intersection (point 6)..
Draw an extended  line from P thru 6 crossing diameter..


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What are the allowed operations? Can we only use the standard operations (connect two points or extend a line segment) or may we use other tricks, for example align the straightedge along the diameter and use the other side of the straightedge to draw a parallel line?

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To be more specific, you can draw a line segment between two existing points or extend an existing line segment.

So I guess the OP should say you also have a pencil. That should do it.

The straight edge has no markings - it's not a ruler; you can't twirl it like a compass ... etc.

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