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1gram = 27.334 grains.
A quarter stone is 14/4 = 3.5 pounds avoirdupois = 1587.6 g.


How do we interpret a "grain of dram"?

"Of" generally means "multiply" but here it must mean divide, yielding a dimensionless ratio..

But which way? Is it 27.334 or is it 0.0366?


One way, the answer could be 43395.4584g = 43.3954584kg

The other way it could be 58.1062g.


Or the answer could be good old 42.


Or, this whole thing could be ... a riddle.


Interesting question. :unsure: 

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Quarter is given to be not a portion of the measure or that which is measured, thus it is the measurement, and subsequently, the stone is the material being measured. A quarter is 28 pounds weight, which is approximately 196000 grains. A dram can be anything small, which in this case is the substance of stone. One grain is 1/196000 quarter of stone, and can be said to literally be a grain of sand.


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