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pretty stuck on the Time of Madness. think it's pretty tough and could use some group think. and the witching hour is fast approaching. so, re Y-san's post above:

...found a code solver but it returned jibberish until i advanced each letter of the keyword by one (s-->t, h-->i, i-->j, etc). had originally set up a spread sheet where each of the nine key letter values were subtracted from 26 and added to the corresponding letters of the ciphertext and had no issues.

-- Help -- come get me.

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that's where i'm stuck, too. definitely not a coincidence imo. have been trying all sorts of letter and word length comparison matches with keywords, alphabet, text from the Secret Level, etc. the only thing I can think of special about twenty four is hours in a day. also seems maybe of possible importance because of the repeated mentions of time; especially the last three lines of the first poem. still think something's missing. still at it...

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