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Yoruichi-san    116

Time for something short and simple ;)/


body of water
fall over
fundamental building block
not included
bottom of your top
something valuable
a theme of this puzzle
a manifestation of the id
a different kind of building block
something it's fun to do with spoilers
a portion of the pie
above and beyond
fish, pork, or steak?
legal kind of coca

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Yoruichi-san    116

Yepskerdoodles, too lazy to do a breakdown, but credit to DD, PG, and Pickett ^_^.

Got a new puzzle in the works but it's not ready yet. I'm going on a trip until next week so I'm going to go dig up some puzzles I really liked that never got solved :( and drop some hints.

Also, have a new TAoBk in the making and want try to revive the Chromatic Witch series, which really means a lot to me...and I want to 'publish' the big twist at the ending (which is pretty far away still) before another author comes up with it...;)

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