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Weighing Bells


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On each pan of the tri-beam scale are 3 seemingly identical bells that are balanced with the other pan bells.


A) Sort out the bells-3 light bells (L=1) and 3 heavy bells (H=3) from Normal bells (N=2) by using the scale .
How many times will it take to identify their weights?

B) When you got a desired outcome on the first weighing ,how can all the bells be sorted on the 2nd weighing?

The scale works as follows:
1)Balanced : 3 weights on pans are equal ex. 6 : 6 : 6
2)One pan down : Only the heaviest ex. (5):3 :2 , (5):1:1
3)One pan up : 2 heavier weights are equal ex. (3):4 :4


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