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LGBD R5 General Battle


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Stationary Roulette


The 'roulette' consists of 4 pockets. One player will be randomly selected to be the dealer first. Each roulette round will consist of both players being dealer once.

The dealer selects a 'pocket' to place their ball in by PMing the host a number from 1 to 4. Then the dealer makes a 'bet'.

The dealer may bet on as many chips as they would like on as many of the four numbers as they would like. The other player must bet an equal or greater number of chips (if they do not have that many, they must go all in), and may only bet on at most two numbers. All bets will be placed in the battle thread. After both players place their bets, the 'winning' number will be revealed.

If no players bet on the correct number, all the chips bet go to the Liar Game Official (the host).

If one player bets on the correct number, all the chips bet go to that player.

If both players bet on the correct number, all the chips bet are divided between them according to the ratio of the chip values of their bets on the correct number.

The battle will continue for ten roulette rounds or until one player runs out of chips.


Eastern Army: BMAD


Western Army: Marksmanjay

Virtual coin flip has determined BMAD (Eastern army) to be 'dealer' first. Please select your pocket. Thank you.

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Now I have a computer and just helping with the formatting :)

Also, @mjay: I don't mean to interfere with the game, but I was simply trying to make sure Y-san doesn't take away all our chips just because you didn't log in again to correct the bets in time :)

@Y-san: Even if not relevant for now, in general, is powerplay allowed?


[1] East:11 West:0

[2] East:9 West:15

[3] East:7 West:12

[4] East:0 West:0

Edited by kingofpain
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[3] 10 mil [4] 8 mil Oh, how does the pocket thing work? As in, what effect does the dealer's putting the ball in a pocket have?

I know where the ball is (the pocket). whoever puts money on the right pocket, we split all the other money (that was placed on the other pockets) at the ratio that we bet on that pocket.

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It appears there was some confusion, so I'll allow the first round, but in the future:

No power-playing, as stated in the Round 5 rules, only the player in the battle may play in the battle. I will only count a forfeit if a player does not respond, not if they are confused about a rule and make an invalid play.

I will reveal the pocket and the corresponding coin distribution, in order to make sure all the bets are valid, etc.

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The ball was in pocket 2.

Current standings:

BMAD (East): 191

Jay (West): 109

BMAD, please select your pocket and place your bets



[1] East:0 West:0

[2] East:0 West:0

[3] East:0 West:0

[4] East:0 West:0

Edited by Yoruichi-san
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