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I like toast


My old toaster can hold at most two slices of bread and toast them on one side at a time. I want my bread toasted on both sides and buttered on one side. It takes 3 seconds to put each slice into the toaster, 30 sec to toast one side of 1 or 2 slices, 3 sec to reverse a slice, and 12 sec to butter one (that side must already be toasted). Assume only one of these operations can be done at a time. In how short a time can I toast & butter three slices?

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For continuous burning coils and the old appliance is not ejecting
End of:
seconds 3, slice A in
seconds 6, slice B in
seconds 33, slice A toasted
seconds 36, slice B toasted and slice A reversed
seconds 39, slice C in
seconds 51, slice B side buttered
seconds 66, slice A toasted
seconds 69, slice B in and slice C toasted
seconds 72, slice C reversed
seconds 96, slice A sides buttered
seconds 99, slice B toasted
seconds 111, slice B side buttered
seconds 135, slice C sides buttered

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3 . Insert A1

6 . Insert B1

18 .A1 is half done

21 .Remove A

24 .Insert C1

36 .B1 is done

39 .Remove B

42 .Insert A2

54 .Butter B1; C1 is done

57 .Remove C

60 .Insert B2

72 .Butter C1; A2 is done

75 .Remove A

78 .Insert C2

90 .Butter A2; B2 is done

93 .Remove B

96 .Insert A1

108 A1 is done; C2 is done

111 Remove C

114 Remove A

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