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What ingredients make a good question


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Since joining BrainDen, I have had my fill of making both great, good, bad, and terrible questions. It consistently amazes me to see what other's perceive to be interesting questions worth a reply(answering). Sometimes some questions that i thnk are simple and straightforward seem to generate many many responses. Other questions, ones that i just 'know' are rather involved and rich in information, only generate a rather lackluster response and die a slow painful death. So what is it? What about a question makes it worth your time to answer it?

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Personally, I normally respond to questions that are philosophic, provide the necessity for people to confer with one another on the answer, have an element of adventure or drama, or are just fun questions. It would be interesting to conduct a poll with this question.

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If you are refering to a question/problem/puzzle that you are going to post to brainden,I guess you do not have problem on what the ingredients are or what is lacking. Though with different tastes those denizen have a strong appitite for new puzzles.That's why we're all here to learn solving by ourselves or from others.
Your OPs are great. Some fall away from top however interesting they are. If a post seems fading you can revive by posting a hint or two. Some are just waiting for a clue to fire up the train of reasoning. I like making puzzles too,more than solving them but honestly i got no more today. And i admire your rate of production.Too many too fast.
Maybe that is why some should drop down out of sight. Limit down, be patient but keep giving .We buy .you sell. Thanks..

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