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Can't sign out


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Does anyone else experience this problem?

When in IE9 I cannot sign out unless I manually delete all cookies for BD Domain.

In Chrome it appears to sign me out. But after I close the browser, then open it again and go to BD Forums, I find myself signed on.

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Explained. I thought the same thing was happening since we all came back here. I click on BDEN and I'm still logged in. I proved that wrong. I did in fact log out and went to another site. I have Google Chrome and use it always.

I checked with a different computer and different browser (IE) to see if my name was there and sure enough, I was logged out as I expected. I went back to my laptop with Chrome and clicked on BDEN and detected that it automatically logged me in upon entering the site. It doesn't happen all the time but usually it does it for me. Either it has to do with Chrome settings, cookies or something but it will not be of any harm to anyone FYI. It is nice to skip a process unless I meant to be anonymous which is quite rare these days. Perhaps I am not the only one then.

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Same thing happened to me. To fix the problem i try to changing password in my settings. It works but this last time not even the new password works so i re registered. I hope to recover my old account. Can you help me? Thanks a lot..

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Actually, I don't bother about it, since it shows me as logged out if I merely close the webpage without signing out...I'm using Chrome...and I used another computer to test it out...it only shows me as logged in when I actually open the site page... :D

Well, just in case, you need to check your log-in settings...do you allow your browser to remember the password to the site? If you allow it, then it may log in for you automatically...also, check the BD log-in window; do you click the 'remember me' check box? that may be another reason... :)

But like Slick said...it really is not a problem unless it's on a shared computer, for example... :)

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