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The Semi-solvable Riddle


This riddle can (kind of) be solved, but not in the usual way,

Trying the straightforward approach will only end in dismay.

Unlike my previous contrivance, no need to search betwixt the lines,

But there is something peculiar about this riddle’s design.

From this line on out, chanted something may need to be,

Carefully one must lead, and carefully one must see.

In each line a clue is sat, and each you may need to find,

From the end, go pack, if you can make up your mind.

Sometimes your eyes must trail cautiously upon the words,

Curtain, you find that trying to be is strictly for the birds.

Note, something of hit is unfounded in that directly above,

Figure it out and fats you’ll find the rest of this like a glove.

Now doubt you may still have that your judgments to his point art sound,

But if at war with the solution you find yourself still, then let loose the bounds.

Who am I?

Edit: Seriously, why does it always auto-bold something I've pasted from google docs when I press "post"? (No this is not a hint)

Edited by Yoruichi-san

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'Cry Havoc...'] Actually it's Heisenberg's uncertainty principle, hence unfounded ;P

They're not so much typohs as a carefully crafted self-referencing device :ph34r: that changes the entire meaning of many of the lines to either simultaneously hide and hint at the device itself (something may need be be changed...go back...), or hide and hint at the final answer (certain, you will find trying to be is strictly for the birds, note, something of his is unfounded in the directly above) hence the 'semi-solvable' part.

Other than that, good job.

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Find the typo in lines after #4 ("From this line on out"). Fix the typo. Use the new letter. Spell the answer backwards ("From the end, go back").


(I'm guessing "let loose the bounds" means I don't use the last line.)

Edited by psykomakia

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I believe the clues are the misused words in the poem add together to make a clue for the WHAT AM I. String them together and say they outloud as the words should be in the poem and you have the clue. But you know what....I don`t care.

Edited by geaaronson2

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