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Delicious Mix?



1. Vined child, or bitter non-vintage cross?

2. Soda-like fodder, or exploding snack?

3. Total pugency, or a little taste of everything?

4. Dehydration-combating noggin, or cube-shaped delicacy?

5. American pie cheek, or pork condiment?

6. Dame indicates, or trifling layer?

7. Charm drain, or a liquid squeezed out of emulsion?

8. Parisian high fare, or breakfast porridge?

9. Scant lump, or famous summer dessert?

10.Red head with cash, or can't be caught?

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smorgasbord? or a pupu platter maybe...

Sorry, not what I'm looking for.

1. grapefruit

3. potpourri? or

3. allspice

Edit to hedge my bets

Nice hedging. Correct on the 1st & last.

(Apologies that neither my eye nor my spell check caught that, btw. Should've been "pungency".)

Leaves 7 & 8 remaining.

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