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I'm not a lamp


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    • by Time Out
    • [url="http://brainden.com/forum/index.php/topic/15244-im-not-a-lamp/#entry322278"]here[/url]


Terrestrial start, from home I depart

A jaded ascension on high

Arise from the plain, my former domain

Now nestled aloft in the sky

The sunbeams are cast from source where amassed

Encompassing all as if noon

Then color is lost, a snowball is tossed

Defying the fact that it's June

In perilous state, appearing ornate

With hardly a hope to defend

Dissolving in flight, to left and to right

This life meets a zephyrous end

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firework show in San Diego on July 4?

:lol: I didn't but some folks from work did, and they weren't too happy about driving out to watch it.

To the point at hand, fireworks weren't what I had in mind, although in retrospect I see that it'd be a great fit. The clues that point elsewhere are subtle, one of which is the timing of the events in the second and third stanza that would work a little better for what I have in mind than for a firework.

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