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I don't get it.

Is it funny because the instructions are written (which you couldn't read)?

Is it funny because there aren't enough numbers in the phone number?

Is the phone number some sort of "leet speak" phrase I don't get?

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I read it, and then, BAM, 2 seconds later, I chuckle.

It seems to mimic the mechanism of a joke, where there text takes you through a typical scenario, and then the catch-phrase emerges in an 'Aha, I got you' fashion, and thus causing us to burst into laughter, concealing our humble sense of anticipation.

Of course your mental state and intelligence does play a role, too.

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Is it funny because the number is messed up? I thought it was funny because if you can't read, you won't know the telephone number, but then I realized that the number is weird...... :unsure:

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