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Yes!!!! XDDD Thank whatever is out there that it was Anon XD The whole block thing scared me for a bit, but yes! And now it's obvious why they couldn't change the NP, but yes!!!! XDDD Okay, one more night is all, personally I want to go with Smoth, and I would like to hear from EDM again, since we've heard nothing from her for the past few days. (Waaay too excited :))

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As ther are fewer people and the night actions have been reduced in numbers , will anyone object to ending N4 a bit early? normally wouldn't suggest, but as it is a night phase.... Let me know here or via PM. Thanks!

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I'm glad you believed me tole.. thanks for the vote of confidence !! as well as mboon..

now we have to ID the last one...

if I die tonight then get smoth

question to hosts: if the last baddie is the NK carrier and he/she gets blocked will the NK still go through ????

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I smiled because, the deed I did

You smiled, as it was me you caught,

And you might win this game

But I have won, what is seldom sought.

I rejoice for I have won,

won, a victory better,

The act, seldom done.

the game better half I repeat,


Nice requiem Anon !! :)

Edited by Yodell
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As ther are fewer people and the night actions have been reduced in numbers , will anyone object to ending N4 a bit early? normally wouldn't suggest, but as it is a night phase.... Let me know here or via PM. Thanks!

for me .. no problem.. my "night" ends at around 6-7 PM EDT anyway, so it would be swell.. but you have to get agreements from all the players involved.. :D

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Well, if the baddie was wondering about their plan of attack, you guys pretty much laid it out for them.

They kill Yodell tonight leading to my lynching the next day.

Leaves two goodies and one baddie.

One goodie gets lynched the next night, leaving just one of each.

Not sure what happens there - baddie win? Or coin flip for a tie vote?

Etiher way, it is the only chance the baddie has and you guys just gave them their one path to a victory!

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besides.. u haven't said a word as to who you really are... at this moment you could have at least hinted... .. but you were not sure you would not be counter-claimed

I've hinted since the moment I got in the game... which is why tole believed me..and I got her and Miki's hints from b4 N1 .. so again... not even HINTING says smth ....

Of course I might be all wrong.. but... your voting pattern says you're Prince Edward... as your lack of hint.. as your walking around the bushes - did the same my first game as a baddie .. so I can recognize the pattern ;)

but one thing I know from previous Mafia games - there is always the possibility that the game could surprise you ....

So let's see:

who could be the last baddie - other then you I mean:

  1. tole was cleared - her hints, her attempted killing N2 and being saved, her voting... no need to go there
  2. mboon .... well there might be a chance , although Day 1 she voted for Shakura (lynching a fellow baddie), and D4 voted for Anon (lynching another fellow baddie) NOT LIKELY ENOUGH
  3. EDM... there is a chance there two... let see: she claimed Argyle.. and was not counter-claimed, but they could have spied/killed Bong N1 and assume Bong's role....BUT she was blocked N2 .. and since the last baddie is the blocker .. it would have to be a self block (entirely possible according to Zweefer...but it's the first game I've seen this happening (but i would not put it past Anon...to think like that).. so let;s see how she voted :
  • day 1 she voted for Shakura... a fellow baddie - could have been a ploy ...
  • day 2 she again voted for shakura... while shakura voted for her.. and anon abstained
  • day 3 and 4 she was inactive... and if she is the baddie then I would be alive tomorrow since there is no one to powerplay her anymore... :D

myself... I have proven myself... by leading the lynch against Anon.. no way I would do that if I were a baddie.... and you have to admit that Hamish acted after I got in the game .. and after I hinted repeatedly .....

Tole, mboon .. your choice on who will you vote tomorrow if I die tonight :) ...and if I live .. then, maybe I would believe EDM is the last baddie .. but only as a last resort.. I would still go after you smoth .... if you don;t at least hint to your role....

Edited by Yodell
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@Yodell, I have not hinted before as I don't have anything to hint. I am a vanilla goodie that has no ability to hint at. Short of actually outing myself, which I can do if that is the only thing that will convince you.

Reading through everything again it is fairly obvious your role given the events of night 4 and the new event that was not there the other nights.

I completely forgot about the VM so maybe we still have a shot even at 1 v 1 – if your read on roles is correct.

@tole, what can I say, I honestly wasn’t sure between Yodell and Anon until the lynch so I voted for the person I thought might be the other baddie. I could have switched onto Anon, but at that point it didn’t matter as he was already going to get lynched. I’ve tried to explain my votes as best I can – obviously they are what they are, I was clearly wrong on a lot of them.

The first day I had no clue and just voted for someone without any votes. The second day vote on edm was before she outed herself and I was not able to get back on until after the end of day. A lot of people were voting for edm before she outed and changed their votes – I would have done the same if I had been able to connect. The third day I legit thought Tralala was a baddie for actively arguing for Sakura, maybe I let myself get caught up in the group think on that one.

Edit: for font size - somehow posted it at 8.

Edited by smoth333
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