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Dont Get Mad



Seven this time, one word couplet quickies

Proferred quite simply for your brain to tease

Might launch a campaign to take your seat

The best man is one who can meet and greet

To tie up in knots so to speak, 'tis cheap

This individual response runs only skin deep

Call the police or make hue and cry

The civil-type union of sea and sky

A typical reaction may yearn for dispatch

But when you're antsy better start from scratch

You're thick as a brick, you don't even realize

It's deep and complex and heavy for its size

Smart as a whip you can gather the lot

Then put out to pasture, cut from the spot

Dance about the issue as a way to fall back

Or with dizzying speed you take up the slack

And then when the seven are known complete

The finale might offer, revenge so sweet

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hey t_mo - not it but that's a fabulous answer! am always impressed here with alternatives you guys come up with and I neglect to consider. in this case, I think you matched my intended meaning in every clue and still got a different answer. sorry 'bout that

not sure why, but "sheep"


#2 beauty

#6 border collie

hello there SkyRat - another fine fit for # 2 but not the word that will get you to the final answer. and not it for #6, sorry. please give it another go. thanks

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