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Pirates of Penzance Mafia


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Prelude Day: Oh! False one!.

The Pirates were merrier than usual. Especially taking into account that Frederic had just told them he would be condemning them to death. A he and Ruth disembarked, he glanced at her, and knew.

"What did you tell them for?"

"To save my life!"

"You are a coward. There stranding us here on a deserted island. Right?" Frederic drew his sword and held it at Ruth's throat.

"Not quite," said Ruth, very quickly. "They're staying for a few days to rob the place."

Frederic put away his sword. "So the island isn't deserted."

"They don't think so."

"Go back to the Pirates. They don't know I know they know the secret. If they are dead before they leave, I will feel no guilt."


The Major General and his daughters were enjoying breakfast, or, at least, the daughters were. General Stanley was restless, jumping at the slightest noise.

"What is wrong, father?" Asked Edith.

"Nothing dear. Nothing."

Mabel chuckled. "You are a bad liar, father."

"Could you please call me dad? Just once?"

"I don't know," said Kate, amused. "Father seems more respectful. You are in the army after all."

Isabelle joined the conversation. "Don't change the subject."

"Very well," said Stanley. "I believe pirates are docking. Whatever you do, don't go out alone."


The Sergeant was watching the Pirates as they landed. Two shapes -- pirates, presumably -- were leaving the ship. One appeared to threaten the other, scaring him (or her) back to the ship. These pirates did not seem to get along. Useful to know. Maybe he could start a mutiny.

"Men! Come on! We will make short work of these pirates."








8)-Molly Mae



I'm sending out roles now.

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