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Percy Jackson: Tiradejr

Annabeth Chase: Molly Mae

Grover: JarZe

-Percy Jackson – Has a kill per night. Has BTSC with Annabeth and Grover

o -Annabeth Chase – Can’t be RID, or controlled. Can learn a player’s action each night. Has BTSC with Percy and Grover.

o -Grover – Can learn who a killed/targeted player is. If they choose “Targeted”, choice is random on who it is. Has BTSC with Percy and Annabeth.

Please put night actions in red.

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For the record, as anyone in this BTSC are privy to this information, N1 actions revealed the below information.

GROVER: no one was targeted that wasn't killed, and you know who the people who were killed are.

Anna: you learned that AG was guessing that slick was percy.

I can forward a summary of our BTSC, as well.

EDIT: Colour.

Edited by Molly Mae
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