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two friends



working together

one animate

the other still

as the crust of a river

starts to flow over it

once they are done working together

the leave each other's sight forever

and a new one comes

and they start again

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Peace, I really like this riddle! Probably because i like to paint, too~ ^_^

But... I have a bone to pick about one of the lines:

one animate

the other still

What you should have written was "One animated, not animate... for all intents and purposes, "animate" in this context, is not a verb, so must be read as an adjective, and the adj. form of the word means "alive", which is why there were so many animal guesses, I'm sure.

If you had added the "d", the word would have become a past tense verb, which describes something that can be lively or given life, spirit, or zest from an outside source (i.e., the painter) and does not need to be alive and in motion voluntarily on its own.

Words are important, as i am sure you understand, and especially in riddles every word and letter counts! ;)

Thanks for your interesting and puzzling riddles! :thumbsup:

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