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two friends



working together

one animate

the other still

as the crust of a river

starts to flow over it

once they are done working together

the leave each other's sight forever

and a new one comes

and they start again

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"I still don't have a clue" - Blind Guardian

Looks like I'm not smart enough to figure that out, but I hope someone does soon, cause I'm curious ^_^

Well, gotta wake up early tomorrow, so good night and good luck.

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I think the first one is some kind of tree or plant, figured that out because of the clue..

however I believe that the second one is an animal, and it's one that loses it's tail.

there are cameleons which have that as a defensive tecnique to get away from predetors. they lose theyr tail so the predetor ahs 2 smells of it's prey and also gets distracted because it thinks that it's camouflages and the rest of the body is near the tail...

so not quite shure but. TREE & CAMELEON

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