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1. I am an object of nature,

green in the spring and summer,

red in the autumn

and bald in the winter.

My name sounds like beach.

They told me I cry.

(that part is easy)

2. A drunken man saw you twice.

He blinked, his view was vgue.

Enough beer for now, time for tea.

English as he was, he drank it with milk and suger.

His tongue felt think; when he ordered, it sounded like "sugal"

(there is an answer to this part too)

3. The language is odd,

It sounds old, almost ancient.

My feet are cold because

The surroundings used to be frozen.

My arms and fingers are close

to the source of the cold.

I hear a name - it's short.

It reminds me of a red guy.

I hear the waves meeting the rocks

not too far in the distance.

(this part gives the final answer, but it would be useful to have the answer to 2 too.)

The final question is: Where is part 1 situated, roughly?

A small hint: Part 2 gives a clue for part 3, but is not 100% necessary for the final answer.

I don't think it's too hard, but then again, I made it up myself. It's based on my own knowledge and my limited English vocabulary (I am not a native speaker). Curious to see what you come up with.

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Actually, you do have #1 correct, but the rest incorrect, Ham. :P

You completely misinterpreted #2, and #1 doesn't give a clue for the location. I already said that #1 was for the tree, #2 is a hint for #3 and #3 is the final location. That is exactly how it's built up, you shouldn't try to find the answer for #3 in #1 ;)

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Bury or double vision? or two of something maybe twins?

Bury or double vision? or two of something maybe twins?

blurry vision?

Anyway, that is incorrect.

PS: I like how you posted it double while talking about double things.

Edited by Dutch Riddle Amateur
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