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About Me

Hello, I'm Jennie, and I've been a member since the lil age of 12 (aka over 10 years). 

Proud starter of Green Glass Door on this site (though I think that's long died here). Every so often I'll come back and check in. 


Update (??) Hey!

This is Jenny, Jennifer, Jennyfer, Jennster, Jwalks, Jwow and Jen(n).

I'm a BBC fan (superwholock anybody?) and I'm a Tumblr Addict.

I'm a boarding school kid, and I love it, and according to my cousin it looks like Hogwarts.

I like that.


Update (Oct 20th, 2012):

~~ hello there! the name's Jenny, and Im a prep. I'm also a techie, and I'm a junior. I'm an honorary day student and I have have problems paying attention (blame it on my ADD, baby....SAIL).

Shoot me a message if you want to say hi! If im not here, a lot of members have my fb/skype, so im contactable on there as well.

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