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About Me

Update (Dec 20, 2020) Ello! 
This about me section is just a weird time capsule, just like this site. Been here since August of 2008, one of the previously most active people on this lovely lovely site... 


Update (Nov 21, 2019) Hello, I'm Jennie, and I've been a member since the lil age of 12 (aka over 10 years). 
Proud starter of Green Glass Door on this site (though I think that's long died here). Every so often I'll come back and check in. 


Update (??) Hey!
This is Jenny, Jennifer, Jennyfer, Jennster, Jwalks, Jwow and Jen(n).
I'm a BBC fan (superwholock anybody?) and I'm a Tumblr Addict.
I'm a boarding school kid, and I love it, and according to my cousin it looks like Hogwarts.
I like that.


Update (Oct 20th, 2012):
~~ hello there! the name's Jenny, and Im a prep. I'm also a techie, and I'm a junior. I'm an honorary day student and I have have problems paying attention (blame it on my ADD, baby....SAIL).
Shoot me a message if you want to say hi! If im not here, a lot of members have my fb/skype, so im contactable on there as well.

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