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  1. Mega Einstein Riddle

    Thalia ... correct: directly left or right.as in diagram.
  2. Mega Einstein Riddle

    Thalia ...house #5 = #5; "fifth house" is either #9 (if odd) or #10 (if even). Same with "2nd house" (either #3 or #4)
  3. Mega Einstein Riddle

    Thank you, Moderator Bonanova! Clues to my "Mega Einstein Riddle" are attached here. The object is to resolve all placings with no repetition of variables. Please note that spellings are in UK English! Have a good time would-be solvers! Clues for Einstein Mega Riddle.docx Edit, 11/9/2016: Note that Clue 251 should refer to China, (and not to Kenya).