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  1. Seems to me baddies are eyeing Shad and Vomm. Additional info. Can't edit the above post. I did a good job at night 3.
  2. Please add my vote to kitkat. Thanks. Will change my vote if I got info from other players. @shad, my action is shown in N3.
  3. Guys... I don't actually think there's any other role he could claim that would fit the facts and take the heat off him.. hence his lack of defense There's literally nothing else he can do. So unless he pulls something amazing that I haven't thought of out of his a**, imma relax, leave my vote alone, and go celebrate the removal of a baddie from the game : At least come up with an original origin story... (On an aside: saw Man of Steel yesterday...soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo good ...it did a nice job exploiting the potential for epicness that Superman's abilities allow ) Can you tell a summary of Man of Steel movie? Please @Aaryan , you're telling different superheroes that are not in the list. But lol. I should stop talking to you or they might think I'm a villain.
  4. I'm claiming The Incredible Hulk . I thought that was obvious! But don't you know that? I told you my ploy in the BTSC! If you want us to win, dee, you need to pay more attention! I'm sleepy so my mind is currently not working properly. What ploy? Don't frame me. I'm too clean to be with btsc.
  5. @Aaryan, I don't know what role you are claiming. . At first I thought it was Batman but his not a payment collector.
  6. I don't think Aaryan will try to defend. Cause he just added my vote but didn't say anything. And thanks for doing it Aaryan.
  7. Hmm, this is interesting. I voted Aaryan before cause I see the reason of Vommack is legit. Until now it still is. So please add my vote to Aaryan. I'm using a cell phone. Thanks.
  8. @Panther, I tend to trust people easily. I think that's one of my problem. Vommack has a reason, seems legit cause it was easily say. If I was here in the voting process of inactive, I could have change my vote.
  9. Please add my vote to Aaryan cause of what Vommack said. Thanks. Cell phone mode.
  10. flamebirdie and MikeD, are your votes random or there is a reason for it?
  11. I'm here. My first game here in BD
  12. dee_tot

    The investment Game

    Sorry. Changing my purchase to: Buy KOOC 2000 Buy SERT 2000
  13. dee_tot

    The investment Game

    Buy Asre 5000 Buy KOOC 2000
  14. dee_tot

    The investment Game

    1. Molly Mae 2. Panther 3. Flamebirde 4. Kingofpain 5. phil1882 6. dee_tot 7. 8. 9. 10. I want to try playing this game.
  15. How do you guys make this kind of game? You're all genius.
  16. I'll play. Please put me on number 12. I am seeing players here in MM. I'm also new there and here.
  17. dee_tot


    New member here. I'm dee_tot. Found this site while searching for a mafia game. But I will browse the other sections as well. Nice to meet you.
  18. Watchtower: Y-san Roster: 1. Aaryan 2. Panther 3. dee_tot 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11.
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