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  1. "Eeny, meeny, miny, moe" I'll change my answer to 6 if it is allowed..
  2. Somehow I want to copy Nana, Plasmid and Plain's answer Maybe better chance for me to get correct answer..
  3. I have no idea. But I'll pick 6.
  4. I love playing volleyball!! I choose #7
  5. That japanese word I know, reason why I choose achoo baka haha
  6. Greenwich time BST? It is the same time in MM BT?
  7. I'd like to try playing.. bluedee
  8. Thank for the game Y-san. Good game. Congrats Nana for winning.
  9. Wait, you got blocked N3? That's make the 3 of us getting blocked that night. Very interesting. Onetruth said on that night too, to whomever keeps blocking her. So I suppose 3 people was blocked at the same time is too much.
  10. Yeah, I'm interested to know what have you done previous nights Plasmid. And in my opinion, Wonder Woman is highly likely don't exist in this game.
  11. Green Arrow is flopping in the game. He didn't found Black Canary. Then if you're telling it's a lynch frame, then where is the true black canary?
  12. Wow. Those vote changes before just the phase ends. And I don't why some did not believe Araver's claim. All those nights who he blocked are the evidence. @Plas, but Araver flips good. That make you even more a baddie.
  13. @Barc, I don't know what you mean. But if Nana, is indeed the Indy, we can get her next.
  14. Well, this is interesting. So araver or plasmid.. Hmmm..
  15. 1) Phil1882 -dee_tot 2) Nana77 3) bonanova - voting for dee_tot 4) tolecnal - DEAD [Martian Manhunter] lynched 5) flamebirde - DEAD [Hawkgirl] killed by Supervillains 6) onetruth - voting for plasmid 7) dee_tot - voting for plasmid 8) plasmid 9) TwoaDay - DEAD [Zatanna] lynched 10) Kikacat123 - voting for onetruth 11) Araver - voting for plasmid 12) Barca Well, Plas is on my suspect list too, let's see where it lead us.
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