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  1. for the sake of simplicity and hopefully so i can actually declare a right answer, let's assume it originates from a fixed point.
  2. Still haven't found the answer I am looking for
  3. Michelle, john, and Kiru are all outside at the time a Jet is observed in the sky. Kiru hears the Jet's sonic boom two seconds before Michelle and seven seconds before John. if you were to draw a line to connect their locations they would form a triangle. Michelle is 10000 feet from Kiru. Kiru is 15000 ft from John. And John is 6000 ft from Michelle. Find a formula to derive the possible locations of where the sonic boom originated.
  4. **Hopefully this one is not actually a chestnut ** A military tank needs to cross a two hundred mile dessert (a straight flat path). The tank can travel 1 mile per gallon of gas and can only hold 40 gallons of gas in its tank. The tank is carrying its maximum capacity when it contains 40 gallons of gas (so you may not store additional gas anywhere on the tank); however, your crew knows of a way to store gas in the desert sand for retrieval at a later time. Presume that you have an infinite source of gas at the starting point. How much gas will it take to cross the dessert? How many times would you need to turn back towards the starting source? How many miles will you travel?
  5. there is a 50% chance of having a boy or girl in this society since it wasn't implied. I should had stated it as being stacked in the favor of boys to make the ratio more fun, but oh well
  6. Your child needs help. He needs to cut out 10 circles. Upon measuring the circle size he needs, you find the radius of the circle to be 2.5 inches. Assuming that a sheet of paper is only 8.5x11 what is the minimum number of sheets of paper needed to make the circles?
  7. Why are trailers rectangular And flower pots circular in shape? (There is a mathematical explanation)
  8. In a society in which people only want girls every family continues to have children until they have a girl. If they have a boy, they have another child. If they have a girl, they stop. What is the proportion of girls to boys in this society?
  9. Best In the sense of using the fewest amount of bulbs and taking the least amount of time but still getting accurate results.
  10. also this is not the most efficient way as you may not be done until the 97th floor or something.
  11. Whomever moved it, thank you. I realized after the fact that I put it in the wrong place and didn't know how to move it.
  12. Aren't you assuming that there are no defective lightbulbs? Surely not every bulb is made exactly alike (some variance)
  13. I think you are assuming too much I still disagree with your analysis
  14. I think you are assuming too much
  15. Suppose you have a unit circle. You cut the circle into four equal parts. Where the radii of one of the four pieces exists (0,0) to (0,1) and (0,0) to (1,0). Putting one of the four pieces on each of the following coordinates, (0,0) , (0,1) , (1,1) , (1,0) and fitting them together so that the radii produce a square causes the interior to have overlapping arcs. There is a piece, in the innermost center, where all four arcs overlap. What is the area of the overlapped center?
  16. You were just hired to work at a lightbulb factory as a lightbulb tester. They just invented, they believe, a lightbulb that can resist breaking when dropped from most heights. They have asked you to test their product and find its threshold by dropping the new product out of their 100 floor building. Realizing that this is your first assignment at the company and also that these bulbs are expensive, you will want to test it accurately but not want to waste the product. What is the best way to test this product?
  17. Consider a photo of someone you think is you eight years ago. What makes that person you? You might say he she was composed of the same cells as you now. But most of your cells are replaced every seven years. You might instead say you're an organism, a particular human being, and that organisms can survive cell replacement But are you really an entire human being? If surgeons swapped George Bush's brain for yours, surely the Bush look-alike, recovering from the operation in the White House, would be you. Hence it is tempting to say that you are a human brain, not a human being. But why the brain and not the spleen? Presumably because the brain supports your mental states, eg your hopes, fears, beliefs, values, and memories. But then it looks like it's actually those mental states that count, not the brain supporting them. But the view faces a problem: what if surgeons imprinted your mental states on two pre-wiped brains then will there be more of you? How do you know who you are?
  18. If you were to choose an answer to this question at random what is the probability that it would be correct? a) 25% b) 50% c) 100% d) 25%
  19. Youre in a row boat, which is in a large tank filled with water. You have an anchor on board, which you throw overboard (the chain is long enough so the anchor rests completely on the bottom of the tank). Does the water level in the tank rise or fall?
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