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  1. Brainiac100

    Seveny Rollo

    I don't believe that's a word... Could you have meant EXISTS? REALIZE
  2. Eeh, more specific... BTW, you have the ball. Thalia is hogging the ball. She won't share with anyone else. It takes all of tiger_lily's strength to pry it out of her hands. :lol: Who has the ball!
  3. Thalia, you do have the ball. But why? :wacko: Thalia has the ball. She tosses it to EDM, who shows it to Aaryan. Aaryan grabs it, and hides it in a corner. Flamebirde is walking down the street when he spots the ball. Curious, he goes and picks it up. Who has the ball?
  4. Brainiac100

    Sixy Rollo

    POTTED Edit: I put in a seven-letter word
  5. Nope. MikeD has the ball. MikeD has the ball. He throws it to TheCube, who gives it to Thalia. I snatch it from Thalia. Who has the ball? If it has not already, soon, the answer will become blatantly obvious.
  6. Alrighty. This is my first puzzle posted on Brainden, so I hope it works. It's going to be extremely obvious almost as soon as conversation begins progressing because it's so much better if you are listening to it instead of typing, but hey. Also, it's a kind of progressive puzzle. So every time I post an answer, I'm going to post a new 'puzzle'. This may sound confusing, but it'll get really simple as we go through it. I have the ball. I give the ball to MissKitten, who throws it to MollyMae. MollyMae tosses the ball to Rookie1ja. Who has the ball?
  7. Brainiac100


    Oh Wow, Is Sally Doing Yoga With Sunglasses???
  8. Brainiac100

    Xxxx Rollo

    BLAST If 0, ?E??? because BEAST = 1 and the only difference between BLAST and BEAST is L-E
  9. Brainiac100

    Xxxx Rollo

    BEAST If 0, F???? because FEAST was one and the only difference between BEAST and FEAST is B-F Good heavens, my explanations seem so drawn out. :blink:
  10. You're really not very good at this whole 'one-word' thing, are you?
  11. I got 157 :thumbsup: Just out of curiosity, what does gender have to do with your IQ?
  12. Not long :P What about this? http://tonematrix.audiotool.com/_/1.21.401.5.11.g01.h.81.101.h.1001.81.h.8g1.201.21
  13. If so, I'll be the key-filching pet!! :thumbsup:
  14. Brainiac100

    One Up Me

    As fast as cheetahs are, they normally are not fast enough to not get caught by whomever is testing them. get it? cheetahs? :duh: :duh:
  15. :P Nah, I don't mind. Just as long as you don't shank me... :D
  16. I just joined mafia for the first time... It should be a lot of fun!!

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    2. Thalia


      As TC said, WiFoM stands for Wine in Front of Me. Yes. It is from the Princess Bride. There is a scene where the main character and one of the bad guys are having a "battle of wits". There are two goblets of wine and one of them is poisoned. The bad guy will pick and then they drink. The bad guy starts off on a tangent about how he knows exactly which one is poisoned. It's a bunch of circular logic. So "only an idiot would put the poison in front of him so I can't choose t...

    3. Thalia


      I guess the post got cut.

      So "only an idiot would put the poison in front of him so I can't choose the one in front of me. But he knows I know that so I can't choose the one in front of him. But he knows that I know that he knows. . ." Do you get the idea?

    4. Brainiac100


      Yes ma'am. Thanks!!

  17. Crap. Sorry, EDM. I just realized I've got some important date in whatever land I cannot find MiKi... :P
  18. Brainiac100

    Newbie Mafia

    Ah, what the heck.
  19. @MiKi Of course it was a compliment... maybe... @EDM I don't mind being called Brainy at all and Smiley Kingdom sounds like a lovely place. :D
  20. @Thalia yes, I am most certainly a girl. I think. @MiKi I'm sure you could do it. You seemed to be talented enough.
  21. Brainiac100


    TABLE if 0, F???? because fable was one and the only difference between 'fable' and 'table' is the whole f and t thing.
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