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  1. abhisk

    Ha, this one took me quite a while.
  2. abhisk

    Dark Room

    Please put your answer in a quote. This is from Wiiosten. which do you light first? heres how: feel your way to the wall turn on the light switch you light the room :lol:
  3. abhisk

    Dying Cows

    He has 9 cows left. No DUH <_<
  4. abhisk

    Ummm.... First thought that comes to mind is
  5. abhisk

    How many times has been this reposted? When you post, please use the search option.
  6. abhisk

    This one does not fit some of the lines, but is it pizza? And, by the way, this is a good riddle.
  7. abhisk

    Hey, I did not think of a palindrome. You could also make sense of it as never odd, or even.
  8. abhisk

    Dang it, I keep on double posting.(this was one)
  9. abhisk

    If Noct was right, why don't you edit it? Just Kidding
  10. abhisk

    :lol: :lol: :lol:
  11. abhisk

    Heres another answer.
  12. abhisk

    This one is not that hard, I got it as soon as I saw the riddle.
  13. abhisk

    Ha. The answer is he put the poison! That is why he did not die.
  14. abhisk

    I think there is quite a few variations on this, but the answer is it was day, and the sun was shining.
  15. abhisk

    Okay, good. Well, I am staying with this one till the end.
  16. abhisk

    Can you find a sentence that is it's own answer?
  17. abhisk

    Holy. I would have never thought of that.
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