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    True, that is what i was thinking in a way.....I was thinking there are multiple answers to this.
  2. abhisk

    Someones been reading Harry Potter 4, The Goblet Of Fire. Thats where Harry's about to win, and the fastest way is through the sphinx. Shes the one who gives the riddle. I'm surprised no one found it is from harry potter yet.
  3. abhisk

    LOL thats what i was thinking
  4. abhisk

    There were three people who died. They were a blonde, brunette, and another brunette. God had decided to make them a deal. There was a stairway with 99 stairs on it, and each stair had a joke. If they dont laugh at any step, they can go to heaven. If not, they go to hell. First, a brunette went, and laughed at the second step. The other brunette went, and laughed at the sixth step. Then the blonde went, and laughed at the 99th step. God said to the blonde, "Why did you laugh;you were so close to heaven?" The blonde replied,"I just got the first joke!" I do not have anything against blondes by the way.
  5. abhisk

    Totally agree with you there Love the puzzle. Actually MORAL: Lawyers are losers!!!!!!!!!! no offense
  6. abhisk

    Totally agree with you there.
  7. abhisk

    Good Puzzle!
  8. abhisk

    OMG, i cant believe it....Someone who does not like football.........Well, my first game that i watched was the last superbowl, but still....ummmmmm i play football in school, but i still like cricket way better.
  9. abhisk

    GO PATRIOTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. abhisk

    Escape from your imagination.
  11. abhisk

    Already posted, please use search forum, calling moderators. Oh yeah, welcome to the Den.
  12. abhisk

    Hmmm.........lets see... 1.The beatles 2.Dunno 3.Spiderman 4.Beatles 5.Dunno 6.Dunno 7.Batwoman 8.WORLD(the world includes me) 9.Brainden 10.THE WARS(Hey, im 11, what do you expect) 11.Football 12.Dunno 13.Hmmmm.. pretty hard, but since i got brawl, Zelda 14.WIII 15.Dunno 16.Bowling 17.Dunno 18.Dunno 19.Holmes 20.Dunno 21.Go Sachin, wasn't his birthday a few days ago? ( question to indians)(i saw that on the hindi news)
  13. abhisk

    Kay, going there now
  14. abhisk

    But seriously, i think the name starts with
  15. I agree with Mattconczal13 here........sorry
  16. WOW.........That fooled quite a lot of people....... The survivors are not buried(yet)
  18. abhisk

    wow, i was reading this, and that did go by very quick.
  19. If you did how old the child was, then you would realize the baby is not born yet, so then daddy would be pretty close by.
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