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    I have heard this before.
  2. abhisk

    Yup, you all got it right. Nice Job.
  3. abhisk

    What is the sequence that always makes this end at 4? Choose any number, and after a while, the sequence will always be 4. Here are a few examples. 5,4,4,4,4,4 6,3,5,4,4,4,4 100,7,5,4,4,4,4
  4. abhisk

    Yup, Nice Job. Was it that easy? It went away in 20 minutes.
  5. abhisk

    I agree with LIS in this matter.
  6. abhisk

    What is the next number in this sequence? 5, 1, 19, 20, 5, _?
  7. abhisk


    I would be E, because the sequence is the first letter in the numbers. One,Two,Three...
  8. abhisk

    i would not do it this way, because someone might kill the pigeon, or somehow take the money. I like grey cells idea.
  9. abhisk

    :lol: Haha, this one works, and it is funny.
  10. abhisk

    Ha, Angieinchains, that was funny.
  11. abhisk

    I had thought of 5, but not 6. Guess I didn't think too much.
  12. abhisk

    Yeah, I agree with Itachi-San. Air is a perfectly good answer, just not the one that you were looking for.
  13. He walked out of the store in broad daylight, or maybe it was the only car in the lot.
  14. abhisk

    Forget about the last three sentences there.
  15. abhisk

    Itachi-San has gotta have it. Also, just a question. How do you put on the picture that people can see when you post something? The picture is right next to your name.
  16. abhisk

    Oh wow, I did not expect that to be the answer. Good one, Nayana.
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