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  1. plainglazed

    Am liking this riddle. Have been racking my brain. But cant make the last line work.
  2. plainglazed

    Would not trust my math but I got $128.42 by "spin" ploughing within the 100m x 100m and forgoing the corners and every other whatever the shape is called left by two circles and a line touching. By making 71 vertical paths only 99m long and 70 horizontal paths 1.414m. Regardless, to me the solution is knowing the plough needs to spin.
  3. plainglazed

    Of course. Constantly spinning. Well done bonanova. One thought: To make 71 full length say north/south passes (parallel to your side B), doesn't it take just 70 east/west (along either border A or B) jogs?
  4. plainglazed

    The time line thing got me to thinking....
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