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  1. Yeah, I can believe the practice part but would not sell yourself short re ability. Also saw your first response before I could edit it. Dont see how you navigate so fast, but guess that will come, too. As well as understanding how to edit my profile...

  2. Excellent--


    but the answer fits perfectly. Am just starting out /newbie and hope to get to the composing point eventually. Your ability to knock these out, Lotus, is most impressive...

  3. Would not trust my math but I got $128.42 by "spin" ploughing within the 100m x 100m and forgoing the corners and every other whatever the shape is called left by two circles and a line touching. By making 71 vertical paths only 99m long and 70 horizontal paths 1.414m.

    Regardless, to me the solution is knowing the plough needs to spin.

  4. Of course. Constantly spinning. Well done bonanova. One thought: To make 71 full length say north/south passes (parallel to your side B), doesn't it take just 70 east/west (along either border A or B) jogs?

  5. $100.01

    If the farmer ever crosses a path that he has already ploughed, it costs him $.01 in fuel. Conversely, regardless of the route he takes, if he never crosses his path, he makes the maximum. The maximum is $.02 x 10,000 sq. whatevers (forgot the measurment) or $200 less the cost of fuel. When he starts out the first square whatever does not cost him $.01 in fuel but the other 9,999 do so his fuel cost is $99.99. Net = $100.01?

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