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  1. How do I make Skeleton?

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    2. Molly Mae

      Molly Mae

      Alchemic Phone 7. It's a redo of the old DOS Alchemy, but built from scratch.

      I just muse on here. I made Skeleton.

      It was Decay + Corpse

      I needed Decay, which was Tooth + Sugar. But I didn't have sugar, which was Sugarcane + Tools. I needed Sugarcane, which was Heat + Grass.

      The Leaderboard is at http://www.andreasabbatini.com/AlchemicPhone7/Leaderboard.aspx

      As of this post, I'm #32.

    3. Auramyna


      WOOT! congrats. Isn't there a wiki to look up the combos? Or none of #1- #31 made one yet I s'pose...

    4. Molly Mae

      Molly Mae

      Just jumped to number 20. =P

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