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  1. Hmm, I'm probably thinking too literally but
  2. Very close Shakeepuddn.
  3. Here's another simple one. I guess we're doing some speed run's today. I sway without a breeze I hide amongst the leaves My own shelter I eat Ordered with ghosts in Greek I may live if I lie I may die if I’m spied
  4. Here's a simple one for my first submission. Enjoy crushing it. I need no wife of my own Though many children I’ve grown I have built my own snug home Lug it along as I roam Over hill and over gnome My wandering path is shown So come catch me for your own Cook and serve me in my bone
  5. Right, I'll figure out the spoiler option. Long time brainden.com lurker, first time poster. I just got excited when i finally figured out an unsolved riddle. Keep up the great riddles Shakeepuddn.
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