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    Does it take a plasmid to tell that the last one is
  2. plasmid

    Hah, I thought that
  3. plasmid

    Here's what I came up with. I agree with the others who say there's no answer, at least if I'm interpreting the English in this question correctly.
  4. LOL! But you won't want to miss this party; there's going to be a carnival in town for part III
  5. In the last spoiler covering loopholes: It's too dangerous to try to carry a big load of garbage across cubes sitting in the lava if they're only touching at the corners, let alone trying to jump with it or throw it or pass it around.
  6. This picks up where How would you cross puzzle land? left off. You've sold your fox, chicken, and grain from the previous puzzle and collected a handsome profit, which you're now eager to go have some fun with. You're on your way to party in the only nearby town, but you find that your path has been blocked. Where there was once a shallow river bed, there is now a river of flowing magma: a volcano has erupted and ruined your route! It would take a very long time to walk all the way around to the other side of the volcano to get around the river of lava, and also a very long time to walk downst
  7. plasmid

    Interesting, doog and dab are backwards for good and bad. I came up with a different solution than reaymond, but that's because we had different interpretations of #4's statement. If BOTH 1 is a dab and 2 is a doog, is #4's satement true? I said yes, reaymond said no, so we're probably both correct depending on how you interpret it.
  8. plasmid

    I'm afraid that a VERY similar riddle has already been posted here at Hotel Bill. I can't blame you for not finding the earlier post by searching the archive, though -- the old post was about people staying at a hotel instead of getting drinks at a bar. Good riddle, though!
  9. Aww, no one else is going to post a wiseguy answer? Ok... [spoiler='Here's how I would do it ']First, since there's a 20 L jug and a 5 L jug, hopefully that means my measurements won't need to be any more precise than 5 L to get the machine to work safely. Also, the scale said 83 kg and not 83.0 kg, so I only know that the weight is somewhere between 82.5 and 83.5: if the solution requires more accuracy than that, then I'm out of luck no matter what I do. But I'd still try to play it as safe as I could. I'd first fill the counterweight with 80 L. Then I'd fill the 5 L jug and take advanta
  10. Holy cow, Grayven, too bad I can't quote your signature in this response but CONGRATULATIONS! There have been some good ideas so far, I think I'll hold off on posting what I had in mind and leave some time for more to come in. After all, any problem that depends on trickery is bound to have multiple good answers. But for those of you who wanted to send the goods up alone and uncontrolled to be collected later at the top, your stuff would run a big larceny risk.
  11. Clarification: Remember, the path took you halfway up the cliff face, which is where all this machinery is. The brakes are currently on, allowing you to fill the counterweight and then board the basket before releasing the brakes.
  12. In your travels, you come to a crossroads with two men who only answer yes/no questions, one of whom always tells the truth and another always lies. You are about to make short work of the puzzle, but then you notice that there are actually dozens of possible paths out from the crossroads. Mildly flustered, you turn to one of the men and ask, “If I were to ask the other fellow what your answer to this question is, would he say 'yes'?” After thinking a moment and stuttering a bit, the man's head explodes. The remaining one is so scared witless that he gives you directions, and you know that eve
  13. An isosceles triangle is a single triangle where two of its sides have the same length. The single triangle formed by the two S2 lines and the dotted line would be an isosceles triangle (regardless of what the angle between S1 and S2 is -- S1 is not part of the isosceles triangle).
  14. First some background on geometry for those who have either never taken it or have forgotten it. Two triangles are congruent if they have the same shape and size. They may be reflected or rotated or translated relative to each other, but by applying these transformations it is possible to make the two triangles superimposable. Given that there are two triangles, it is well known that if one triangle has sides of length {S1, S2, S3} and the other also has sides of length {S1, S2, S3} then the two triangles are congruent (this is sometimes called the SSS or side-side-side theorem in geometry). S
  15. plasmid

    Here's my explanation of the answer
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