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#338325 I'm Back :)

Posted by Izzy on 12 May 2014 - 12:21 AM

Hey guys! I've missed this place. I was heartbroken when the forums got destroyed, but I'm glad to see it's survived. What I miss?

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#325998 Find Theta

Posted by Izzy on 12 October 2012 - 06:42 AM

Well, this isn't really homework. What I'm actually trying to do is find h, and I have a way to do that if I know theta. So, I'd appreciate help with finding theta, but if you can do h, that works too.

(This is actually a really simplified version of the problem. In reality, the circle is a sphere, and h is the distance of a line that intersects perpendicularly with the center of a small circle within the sphere, whose center lines up with a point on the surface of the sphere. Didn't know how to draw that, so help me find h or theta pl0x?)

All I've managed to establish is that the angle to the left of theta will be 135, regardless of h.

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#236664 Evidence of God's Design

Posted by Izzy on 10 July 2010 - 02:57 AM

Actually. I changed my mind. Prepare for intellectual pwnage. You claim to have been "learning" for longer than I have been alive. This was clearly demonstrated by your knowledge of other religions in the other thread.. :rolleyes: If in the year or so I've been interested in this sort of thing surmounts/passes what you've been able to discover in your entire life, that.. definitely says something about you, my friend. I don't care if you've made up the mind. I'm here to stop you from spewing BS all over the internet and confusing easily pliable minds with it.

You clearly have nil knowledge of evolution. I'm gonna say what unreality said and defer you to either dawh, ADParker, or octopuppy here. Unfortunately my high school level biology is sort of lacking. :(

I don't know anyting about the brain or liver, but I do know a thing or two about the eye. Thank you, Mr. Victor Stenger. I learned the following from one of his books, and have paraphrased, taking information from the book, which I have in front of me.

You say the eye is perfect and wired exceptionally, and "Gmoz, it's so good God must have done it." Welll. You're wrong (not surprsing). The eye is actually wired backwards, in all veretebrates. Other animals have their eyes wired much more rationally. Intelligent design? Methinks not. Yeah, it works fine for us, but it's.. not designed at all. "Eyes provide such obvious survival value that they developed at least FORTY times independently in the course of evolution. Neuroscience has identified eight different optical solutions for collecting and focusing light, although all share similarities at the molecular level. The physics and the chemistry are the same; few ways exist for detecting photons. But, because of the important role of chance and local environment in the evolution of complex systems, different solutions to the problem were uncovered by random sampling of the varied paths allowed by evolution. In short, the structres of eyes look as they might be expected to lok if they developed from purely material and mindless process - chance + natural selection - as these processes explore the sace of possibe survival solutions."

Also, if our eyes are so perfectly "designed", why do people go blind? Why do people need glasses? Just God failing, or.. imperfect evolution. The answer is clear. Same thing with death people and the need for hearing aids. :rolleyes:

(Sorry for any typos, this computer doesn't have spell check. I didn't feel like typing this up on my MacBook, and I was looking at the book rather than the screen whilst typing.)

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