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Kingdom Hearts Mafia

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#421 andromeda


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Posted 16 February 2009 - 08:33 PM

Will this game ever end??

I know we gonna lose because you didn't listen to me... you know who you are!

Could everybody please send their night actions in (people colored in blue) to end this game! <_<

1. Kathleen - DEAD (Killed by Saix)
2. dms172
3. RainThinker - DEAD (Lynched and found to be Demyx)
4. Firebird766 - DEAD (Killed by Cloud)
5. grey cells
6. Sparanda

7. star_tiger - DEAD (Lynched and found to be Saix)
8. FIF
9. Silverheart – DEAD (Killed by Maleficent)
10. SomeGuy - DEAD (Killed by Xigbar)
11. A. Person - DEAD (Killed by Sora)
12. Impervious
13. Limeliam - DEAD (Killed by Axel)
14. Twin Pop

16.Neptune – DEAD (Lynched and found to be Jafar)
17. LIS - DEAD (Killed by Roxas)
18. Skywalker – DEAD (Killed by Luxord)
19. Awesomely-Awesome Person - DEAD (Killed by Riku)
20. Riranor
21. Foxtacy

22. Andromeda - DEAD (Lynched and found to be Xigbar)

Edited by andromeda, 16 February 2009 - 08:37 PM.

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#422 Prince_Marth85


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Posted 16 February 2009 - 08:59 PM

The baddie forum is back up and now I can get the info I need. Going to work on the night post now. Should be up in the next hour or so.

Edit: Or at least...It WAS up <_< -_-

Edited by Prince_Marth85, 16 February 2009 - 09:01 PM.

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#423 Prince_Marth85


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Posted 16 February 2009 - 11:37 PM

Night 5 – The Finale!

All the players left in the game didn’t even bother with splitting up after the days lynch. Everyone knew who was on what side at this point and it was time to end everything.
Luxord, Xaldin, and Axel stood together. Sephiroth stood alone as the last remaining member of the Darkness. And Sora, Riku, Donald, Roxas and Cloud stood together. The all looked at each other.
“What are you thinking? You’re a member of the Darkness! Why would you want to help the Light!? That’s disgraceful!” came a call from Axel at Sephiroth.
“Look who’s talking red-head…Were you not at one time helping them to be with that one kid…Roxas?” Sephiroth retorted.
“I…Well…I, uh…” Axel stuttered, not sure what to say in response. Instead, he just summoned his flame chakram and rushed Sephiroth and threw the chakram at him. Sephiroth managed to draw his sword and knock one of them away but did not manage to stop the other as it dug into him and released a wave of fire into Sephiroth’s body. Through the pain, Sephiroth glared at Axel and raised his hand. “Give into the Darkness…” Sephiroth used his Shadow Flare spell to create several dark energy orbs that shot at Axel, taking him down as Sephiroth followed right after.

The remaining members of the Light and Organization looked at each other before all drawing their weapons.

Sora and Donald started out clashing with Xaldin. Xaldin immediately summoned his spears to defend against Sora and Donald combined attack. Sora swung his Keyblade, trying to find a hole in Xaldin’s defenses, but mostly just clashing with his spears. Donald wasn’t having much luck either as his magic attacks were either being deflected by his spears or his wind shield. Sora hadn’t fought Xaldin in such a long time he had almost forgotten about the special ability that could break through Xaldin’s defenses. Sora watched Xaldin closely looking for the perfect point. As Xaldin continued to attack Sora and Donald, Sora watched and finally saw the perfect opening and leapt quickly into the air and descended down upon Xaldin with the “Jump” ability. Xaldin was struck by the attack and broke his concentration and his wind shield.
“Donald!!” As Sora called for his comrade, Donald summoned rockets that began to fire at Xaldin. Xaldin was still recovering from the Jump attack and had no time to prepare a defense and was hit full force by the rockets.
“Take that!” Donald called out finishing up with Megaduck Flare, summoning several rockets at once and fired them at Xaldin, completely destroying him.

All the while as Sora and Donald were taking care of Xaldin, Riku and Cloud faced Luxord.
“Hmm…It would appear my luck’s run out today…” Luxord pulled out his cards and began sending a barrage of them at Riku and Cloud.
Riku summoned his Keyblade and easily deflected the attack as Cloud did the same with his Buster Sword. The both charged at Luxord but before they could reach him he transformed into a card and summons several other cards as well, hiding himself among them and scrambling about to confuse Riku and Cloud.
Riku and Cloud watched the cards and began to attack them, trying to find the one hiding Luxord. They destroyed many of the cards but didn’t manage to get Luxord’s as he appeared from a card and sent another barrage of card at them. They were hit by some of them but not enough to bring them down. They both glared at Luxord before looking at each other and nodding. They both floated into the air for a moment before unleashing their trademark attacks, Dark Aura and Omnislash. Luxord had no time to defend before Riku and Cloud were striking him with slashes from both sides. They finished with their final slashes crossing, cutting Luxord down with ease.

The last of the Organization and Darkness has finally fallen and the remaining members of the Light looked at each other. Suddenly the ground began to rumble as it had on the first day when Maleficent casted the spell. Things began to distort again as the worlds began to detach. Finally things were beginning to return to normal. Now that the battle was over the spell’s power began to fade. The Light did not want control of Kingdom Hearts, they merely wanted everything back to normal. The power of the spell understood this and began return things to their previous state. Roxas looked at everyone with a smile. “Looks like I’m going back to being one with Sora. Oh well, it was nice while it lasted.” And he faded away, joining once again with Sora.
The fallen members of the Light began to stir.
King Mickey slowly opened his eyes and saw that the worlds were beginning to return to normal and smiled, “Welp…It looks like they did it.”
Namine and Kairi slowly came to their senses as well and looked around. They didn’t know what was happening but they were back. They looked at each other and smiled as Namine faded away, joining with Kairi.
Goofy blinked a couple of times before sitting up suddenly and protecting himself with his shield, unaware that Cloud was already gone. Goofy just gave an extremely confused look, even though it was hard to tell a confused look compared to Goofy’s normal look.

All the members of the Light looked up at the created Kingdom Hearts as it began to disappear, finally giving closure to the battle. Things were completely back to normal at last, and The Light hoped that everything was finally over and they would never have to go through such a thing again but as long as Kingdom Hearts existed, they knew that the battle was never truly over.

1. Kathleen – King Mickey
2. dms172 - Donald
3. RainThinker - Demyx
4. Firebird766 - Goofy
5. grey cells - Sora

6. Sparanda - Luxord
7. star_tiger - Saix

8. FIF/SD - Cloud
9. Silverheart - Namine
10. SomeGuy - Kairi

11. A. Person - Maleficent
12. Impervious - Roxas
13. Limeliam - Xehanort
14. Twin Pop - Xaldin
15.twin_bro - Axel
16.Neptune - Jafar
17. LIS - Hades
18. Skywalker - Pete

19. Awesomely-Awesome Person - Xemnas
20. Riranor - Sephiroth
21. Foxtacy - Riku
22. Andromeda - Xigbar

Roles and Rules
Prologue: The Worlds Meld
Night 1: The battle for Kingdom Hearts begins!
Night 1 Addendum: Dead Music
Day 1: Requiem
Night 2: Desperate Hearts
Night 2 Addendum: Worthless Gamble
Day 2: Not so all powerful genie
Night 3: The battle intensifies
Day 3: A last ditch plea
Night 4: The long awaited night
Day 4: Just in the "nick" of time

And that's it! Good going Light! I'm actually slightly surprised you pulled it off when the others two teams had BTSC. This has been a great game to host and I'm sorry for the delays that happened. Computer problems and baddie forum issues don't help when hosting a game. :lol:

Edited by Prince_Marth85, 16 February 2009 - 11:41 PM.

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#424 Kathleen


    Senior Member

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Posted 16 February 2009 - 11:51 PM

Sweet we won! XD Thanks for hosting Marth...and despite all the...technical difficulties :unsure: it was still fun :3 *places crown on head* I'm the KING (er...Queen)! :3

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#425 andromeda


    Senior Member

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Posted 16 February 2009 - 11:51 PM

Congratulation to Light!

I'm surprised they pulled it off too!

Why? Well because when I was lynched and when I proposed a deal between the Organization and Darkness there were still 6 of us (Organization members) in the game out of 13 people still alive! We had the upper hand and we blew it! We only needed one more person to vote for GC... oh forget it! :rolleyes:

Congratulations GC! :P
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#426 Prince_Marth85


    Senior Member

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Posted 16 February 2009 - 11:56 PM

I already have another game I'm working on. It's going to be more of the classic mafia style. So if you'd like to play let me know. Not sure when it's going to start since there are already some Mafia games going on and I'm pretty sure some that are already coming up after the current ones end.
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#427 Impervious


    Senior Member

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Posted 17 February 2009 - 12:03 AM

w00t go Light, I think this is the second Mafia I've lived all the way through, the first being Heroes Season 1.1 (my first one). GC thanks for your guidance, found it amusing I was your heartless equivalent. Well played everyone, and thank you to PM for hosting this game of epic proportions.
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#428 Neptune'sObsoleteVersion


    Advanced Member

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Posted 17 February 2009 - 02:42 AM

haha... I died early in the game (Jafar, remember?), but kept up with you guys.... good game, light. Didn't expect you to pull it off, but that just makes the feat more impressive.
Peace out to all Light,

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#429 Xeron87


    Junior Member

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Posted 17 February 2009 - 03:41 AM

wow, that's impressive light. Good job. *high five* :D
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#430 SomeGuy


    Senior Member

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Posted 17 February 2009 - 04:11 AM

Yaaay, we won. I mean, I say 'we,' but I really mean Light, because I missed something close to ALL of that game :P Good job GC. Thanks for helping carry the team. Well played Darkness and Organization. This was a fun one to watch.
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