Change Style - Free Brain Teasers

This is the place where you are free to change the appearence of free printable brain teasers on this site by using another external css file. Thus the html code stays the same and only the way of presentation of the same text is changed.

New themes: (they have some bugs which you can report to me)
liquid-blue - the original blue liquid layout
blog - a blog-like style with fixed width 730 px, valid CSS, attempt to achieve W4D 90% dogmatic web
no styling - simple text without styling

To change the font size, you can try to use the menu in your browser: in MS Internet Explorer (View - Text size), in Mozilla (View - Text Zoom), in Opera (View - Zoom) etc.

You can report to me how various browsers support given stylesheets, or give me some tips what kind of changes I should make - positioning of elements (e.g. menu to the right) or color schemes.

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