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but mu isnt pronounce like meow (which i guess is suppose to be the pun)

also this is suppose to be a pun puzzle so if i got the pun part of the answer isnt the rest just a more clever slash different way of saying it or is the whole pun not fur-iction

the one that had to much static in his fur-iction

or furiction had too much static

or the one with higher static fur-iction (like a staticy fur i mean)

or the one that had just rubbed a balloon on himself and got to much static furiction

or the one god saved from dieing because he worshiped jesus and had never (im gonna stop myself here)

If you want to say that Mu doesn't sound like meow or whatever the kitty sound is, well then you should know that FURiction and friction don't sound the same either.


I am sorry i didn't realise that you put (IF NOT WHOLE PUN THEN) as spoiler title..

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Actually if you look up the word online and listen to how it is said, there are two ways of saying it...meeeyou and the other does sound like moo...But I was more less speaking for people that may never had heard or seen the word before, and would see it as moo. Either way, not important, was only a joke. :lol:

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yah whatever puns are puns but ive always heard the word not as mee-you and definitely not like moo but as almost like trying to say moo with a quick y in it or m and actually say the letter u. pretty sure thats the accepted pronunciation.

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i would say that the cat that did not fall off was skinnier cat with less fur and has been De-clawed.

my explanation:

it would be the skinnier of the two because gravity pulls more on heavier objects and less on lighter objects.

having less fur allowed its skin to "stick" to the roof. on metal (TIN roof) smoother things have a tendency to stick less

if it was De-clawed then when it panicked it wouldn't be able to extend its claws and thus would not slide down the metal roof

all of this centered around which was heavier. if it was lighter then claws and fur would have had less of an impact on the end result BECAUSE gravity isn't pulling as hard on it but it is pulling harder on the fatter cat with claws and fur.

sorry that it isn't explained in physics terms (i haven't took physics yet)

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