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  1. Ok, this topic isn't going so well, so this will be the last hint before posting the solutions tomorrow. Good luck to those working on this problem; I will post my solutions, a picture of Rajesh MS's solution, and a discussion on the efficiency of each, around this time tomorrow.
  2. Ok looks like it is time for a hint, hopefully to help some more people in getting started. I will give another hint tomorrow.
  3. I found the story over internet and here's the solution...only part that changed is instead of themagical pill, the third brother had a magical Pomegranate of which he gave a portion to the princess.. In my opinion, there is not a solid one-answer to this riddle. I believe that the point behind the way it is worded is to provoke peoples imaginations and creativity towards finding a solution; I believe it is that which makes this puzzle beautiful, not the existence of a single answer.
  4. Come on wolfgang; don't be like that. I'm sure that there would be someone here that would be happy to double-check your puzzles before posting them. Hey, to say the least, you could even put "English is not my native language" in the title-description to warn people like NoMinorChords before they open the thread. There are actually a lot of people who are apart of this forum that are not from English speaking backgrounds. I hope this helps. Also, I enjoyed this puzzle very much, and the responses indicate that people understood what you were trying to get across. - random7
  5. To sak_lko: That is awesome! Clever way of thinking about it. To Aroooz: Haha! Nice = D Clever job To wireman: lol, calling on the "Bro Code"!
  6. Could sridharang please put his/her response in a spoiler? And copy and pasting straight from another website is not appreciated; any member could find that quote easily, if they wanted to, but someone wanting to solve this puzzle themselves would have it spoiled by that quote. To pdqkemp: Love the pun =D
  7. THE CHALLENGE Construct a perfect golden-rectangle using only a straightedge and compass. This is a puzzle on technique, not artistic ability; the procedure used is what we are focusing on. INFORMATION A golden rectangle is a rectangle whose side lengths are in the golden ratio φ:1, where φ=(1+√5)/2. Though not required, using a picture together with your explanation will help others understand the procedure you used. Please do not forget to use spoilers! The thing that I have used below. Thank-you =)
  8. I would have to say that your response is the only idea behind a possible solution; well done! Unfortunately I made a certain assumption at the start, which lead me down the "impossibility" path, to which I can safely say I would not of returned from. Such a great puzzle! I wish I could of solved it myself.
  9. I shall award this thread to these fine problem-solvers:
  10. Sounds like a guess? = P I like your projective ability though = D The dotted line is the line of length "c" The colors may not be the same as you wrote Very very close! The beige region may need a re-think. I am very glad you put a lovely picture up = D The key to DeeGee's reasoning lies within the introductory paragraph in the original post. Yes! Very well done = D If you have a scanner, I'd love to see your sketch. Did you notice any red-herrings in this puzzle? You might want to read the original post a bit more carefully; the answer "should" have closed regions for 1 to 4. lol