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I am something that could go on forever.

Logic and reason are how I’m discovered.

Turn me around and upside down,

And still no logic can be found.

I only exist in theory and mind

Because so many faults you’ll find.

I am something that can never be,

And yet so many search for me.

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Defying all math and not meant for this world

It's caused many great thinkers' minds to be swirled

It may be etherial as any divinity

I suspect that you've written 'bout the number infinity

Plasmid, I LOVE your answers so,

But I'm going to have to give it a no.

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A circular argument, it just doesn't make sense!

Though it might spark contention, and debates quite intense.

Formidable paradox, or just pulling your leg,

To ask "Which Came First: the Chicken or Egg?"

Well done, Plasmid, you are quite right,

I am happy to find you have seen the light.

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