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What Are Your Favorite BrainDen Puzzles



Are you new to BrainDen and you want to see the best brain teasers? There are thousands of puzzles and riddles here. This thread is a place where you can post your 3 most favorite puzzles published on this site. You can add a short reason why you like them too.

All great puzzles deserve due attention. Don't let great puzzles posted a year ago be unnoticed. Let me start with my favorites.

Hats On A Death Row - simple conditions yet so hard and can be solved without deep knowledge of math (over 500,000 views)

Honestants and Swindlecants III - great example of logic operations

Weighing Puzzle IV - I read this puzzle in year 2002 (I think) and it was one of the reasons to start this whole site smile.gif

Post links to 3 puzzles that you consider the best. And remember, solution is already posted - DO NOT resurrect these old threads.

Enjoy BD wink.gif

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I really liked this one. It was actually the riddle that brought me to brain den :)

I really like this one its been going on for like ever :)

thats all that i really love so..... :)


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If you like word riddles, just look for any riddle by shakeepuddn to find a pearl.

If you're not already familiar with his style, here's one that's not too difficult (at least by his standards) to give you a taste of it.

The honestant / swindlecant / randomcant that had me pulling my hair out.

A "hats" problem that blew just about everyone's mind.

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The reason reason I joined Brainden.com.. to share   " Lethal solution"  and  "Unanswered". My favorites even those are  my  OPs.

#1 Lethal Solution
On top of a digital weighing scale
are four identical glasses, filled with
water, weighs A grams each. Then,
somehow the poison X was sneaked
into one of them with no change in
color, odor  or volume.
  \     /    \      /     \      /   \      /
   \__/      \__/       \__/      \__/
               [4 A + x ]
Using the scale once.Can you find out
which of the glasses is poisoned?
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