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It was a very cool evening. The setting sun doesn’t give enough warmth to the places, not even said it was raining too.

Person who rushed to the small town – Awesomville, had no choice but postpone their journey by logging at a small inn near the River of Awesomville.

The business of the inn became extra ordinary good. The little bar was packed with warriors, travelers and tradesmen. By looking at how heavy the rain was, they decided to stay overnight at this inn.

They were chatting while enjoying the beer. The atmosphere in the bar getting noisier and noisier. Nobody realized there was a man quietly sitting at one of the deepest corner. No one saw his face clearly. His big hat, with his head-bowed, portion; looked like he was asleep.

The owner of the inn, who was also the owner of the bar, handed over a big mug of beer to the lonely stranger.

“What a great night, isn’t it?” said the inn-owner.

“I think we have who we are looking for among them. But we will see then. There is still a long way to prove.” The stranger replied, but kept his head bowed.

“Yes, a long way to go.” The owner smiled, looked at the crowd and then moved back to his bar desk.

Soon, the crowd went back to the room they rented, one after one, leaving the owner of the inn, and the mysterious stranger.

The rain got more heavily, but the bar was empty. Finally the stranger stood up, walked to the bar desk and spoke to owner:

“This is the time. Woon, let’s begin!”


The sun rays broke the morning as usual. What a beautiful morning, but the people who are going to leave the inn were not enjoying the scenery. They were shocked as the inn was not in the place it should be like yesterday! The inn was in a city instead of near the Awesomville River!

The front gate of the inn started to be crowded by many people. The noise was getting louder and louder until a louder voice sounded:

Every one of you, please move yourself and gathered at the bar!

For some people who still in their rooms, start to walk down to the bar and join the crowd.

In front of them now standing a middle age man who were in a grey robe, holding a staff. After examined all of the people are at the lounge, the man spoke:

“Welcome to the City of Iohoda, the city which is next to the Ivory Castle.

“City of Iohoda? The city that has disappeared for a long time?” the audience got shocked.

Being the guardian of Ivory Castle, we, the citizen in City of Iohoda, always carry out the function of looking someone who is helpful to Ivory Castle. I will make it short, we are looking for a warrior! A great warrior which will be loved by citizen of Ivory Castle, respected by the royal family of Ivory Castle, trusted by the King of Ivory Castle. We believe one of you, deserve all these!

“Ahem,” the man cleared his throat, and continued, “After this, you may dismiss yourself and ask Woon, the owner of this inn, about what can you do in this city. The more you understand the more benefits you gain. All right guys, dismiss!”

A smog screen started saturating around the air, the man then become invisible. He was gone! The audiences were shocked but then they soon accepted that they have entered a place that full with mysteries.

So the audience quickly moved themselves to the bar desk and seek advice from the owner of the inn, woon.

When it was almost at the sun set time, they were all clear with the rules:

“Remember, when we said it is 50% of your HP, it is count from the maximum quota. Which means if your are at level 3, you maximum quota is 60, so you will gain 30 HP or which ever HP lower than 30 but make you back to 60, only if you survive” woon looked at the audience seriously.

“Clear? Then take your weapon and standby,”

The situation at the bar started to become uncontrolled. Warrior start to killing each other! Only 10 warriors remained calm and kept themselves at one corner. They were lucky to do so, because those who involved in that fighting were then killed by each others.

“Rule number 1, only attack when it is night time. I only said standby, not start!” woon shook his head to look at those stupid warriors; he then turned to the 10 survivals:

"Only 10 of the smart ones remained. Let see who are they?"

Iohoda Inn's owner: woon


1. GC

2. Dms172

3. Raeymond

4. Impervious

5. Izzy

6. Kat

7. ST

8. renan


10. Riranor

Warrior name:

1. K-T

2. Dominatrix

3. Drakone

4. Legolas

5. Puck

6. Myrddin

7. Anna Mannequin

8. Seraphim

9. Sombral

10. Zuchious

Woon looked at the sky through the window, took a deep breath and then announced. “It is the night 1. Game start!

Players, it is the night 1, you can only have 2 choice:

a. Do training, pay 2 coins and stated how many HP you going to use to do training. Remember, training experience = HP * 0.5.

If you want to choose this option. PM me and state: Training – use HP = # (number)

b. Attack players, decide how many percentage of level 1 attack strength you are going to use (10 – 100%) I will deduct the HP accordingly by referring to the table.

If you want to choose this option, PM me and state: Attack <player’s name>* with level 1 Percentage = #%

* remember it is player’s name not warrior’s name.

Night 1 will be close 36 hours from now. If I have all the PM collected earlier than that, I could do the story faster. :)

Good luck! Warriors!

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Night 3 Result – A Night with Magical Spells

Seraphim went to the north like what Sombal did in night 2. He was very soon blocked by a bandit. Seraphim looked calm. He pointed his staff to the bandit, who is running towards him with sword.

“Nay~~~~~~~~~Lum!” Seraphim shouted!

The land started shaking. It then cracked apart into 2 parts. The bandit jumped to the side where Seraphim stood; and tried to give Seraphim a cut. Seraphim push him away by his staff. The bandit couldn’t balance up his posture, and fell into the hole. The land then re-joined and became as normal as it never crack before.

Seraphim felt proud with the magic he just cast. He then walked to the north village, passed the bag to Treasure Fairy’s brother and went back home.

*********** ******************* *****************************

Sombral, Drakone and K-T walked together towards the farm. Sombral stayed guard at the west side, while Drakone at the north side and K-T at the south side. Each of them met one big mouse!

Sombral pulled out his sword and attack the mouse while the mouse was intending to bite him with it teeth. The attack was a success one, the sword directly stabbed through the mouse heart.

K-T released a few darts to the mouse. Just before the mouse nearly scratched him with its claws, 1 hit the left eye of the mouse. The mouse screamed, attacked madly but aimlessly. K-T quickly released another 1 dart aiming its throat, to end its life.

At the North, Drakone holding the darts and cast a spell: “Cao~~~~~ Mu~~~~”. He then emitted the darts to the mouse. The darts did not hit any part of the mouse. They were poked to the ground surrounded the mouse. The mouse opened its mouth widely like laughing to the lousiness of Drakone’s fighting skill. It then intend to attack Drakone with its tail. But what happened next was causing the mouse not able to move. Those darts were growing and transforming into brier plants. The growing towards the mouse direction and soon the mouse died because of being squeezed and stung by the thorns.

The plant then collapsed and wilted. A flower grew exactly at the center of the dead plants. Drakone bent down his body and near his nose to the flower and inhaled. “Hmm, smell of victory!”

*********** ******************* *****************************

Reaymond took a walk on the street at the back of the inn, he then stood still when he felt something sharp pointing at his back.

“Who are you?” Reaymond asked.

“I could kill you just like that but I will let you know who I am! Now turn around!” the assassin ordered.

Reaymond carefully and slowly turn around and to his surprise, it was Anna Mannequin the pretty warrior.

“So why don’t you just stab me right here?” Reaymond challenged Anna.

“No, I knew you like swimming, I would like to see how well you could swim in my magical pond!” Anna raised the sword upright to the sky and shouted: “A~~~~~que~~~~~ous!”

Reaymond immediately felt his legs were sinking and he felt wet too. It’s water! The water came out from the ground like an undying spring. Soon the water reached to Reaymond’ waist level. Reaymond took a deep breath and immersed into the water. He swam for a while and noticed Anna followed him but just walking on the water! Reaymond looked around, swam as fast as he could to the rack not far away from him. He climbed up, jumped and held the handrail of the balcony of one house.

By the time he looked down, the water was gone. Anna lifted her head up and looked at him. “You are indeed a good swimmer, but we will see how well you can swim when I have stronger magic power!” Then Anna smiled cunningly and walked away.

“What kind of magic is this?” Reaymond panted

*********** ******************* *****************************

Dominatrix waved to Seraphim when she was on her way to the north village. Seraphim advised her “Be careful of the bandit!”

Half way then a bandit did come. Dominatrix successfully defeated and killed the bandit with her whip.

Dominatrix happily went back the room and noticed the wooden box was opened. She took the item out and yelled “Yes!”

*********** ******************* *****************************

Zuchious was sitting on the edge of the well and singing his hometown folk songs. A skinny man finally showed up!

“Who are you? Why are you sitting on the well?” The man asked.

“I am Zuchious, a warrior that going to stop you from poisoning the well!”

“Huh! How the world did he knew I coming tonight! No, it can’t be! I must kill you!” The skinny man took out a small knife from his pocket and intend to attack Zuchious.

Zuchious kept spinning his staff and walked to the man, “Do you think you are able to?” Zuchious finished his question but swing the staff from the top to the skinny man’s left neck. The man grabbed Zuchious neck for a while before he died.

Zuchious smiled “Easy job! Time for collecting coins!”

*********** ******************* *****************************

Riranor went back to the room after taking a beer at the bar desk. When he tidied up his belongings, he noticed his coin pouch seemed lighter. He opened up the pouch, took out all the coins and started counting.

“Some are gone! Who did that to me?” Riranor failed to control his mood. He walked down angrily from his room and asked everyone in the bar about the lost of his coins.

ST offered her help to Riranor. So Riranor went outside to look for those coins which are lost and ST asked whoever stayed in their room. While ST was walking up to the first floor, she met Myrddin who was walking down. Intentionally or unintentionally, both of them collided halfway. ST apologized to Myrddin and continue her way to first floor. Myrddin looked back to her and smiled; “Now I knew one of your secrets, Muhahaha!”

*********** ******************* *****************************

“Where could be my money gone to?” Riranor kept looking around the street, until he make himself trapped in a dead end. He felt a speedy object run towards him. He quickly jumped a set and look back. It’s Puck!

“Puck? You come here to help me to find my coins?”

“Nope, I come here to make you my first debut! A~~~~~que~~~~~ous!” Puck kneed down and punched his right fist on the ground. The water started coming out from the ground and soon Riranor was half-immersed in the water.

Riranor quickly swam to one of the wall side; used his weapon to help him get rid out of the deep water. Very soon Riranor successfully climbed over the wall and ran away to the other side.

“I forgot to tell you! I am the one who took your money!” Puck yelled.

“I heard that! I’ll remember you!” Riranor’s voice heard from the other side.

*********** ******************* *****************************

SomeGuy rushed down from his room and to outside. “What the…. I am always the late one! Couldn’t this inn offer room service?”

“Room service? How about I serve you with arrows?” SomeGuy turned back and saw 5 arrows flying towards him.

“Woah!” he quickly squarrded down to escape from the arrows. Legolas immediately released another 5 arrows and this time they are aiming to SomeGuy foot.

SomeGuy used his weapon to re-divert those arrows. He quickly stood up and kicked a few bamboo basket located at the roadside to Legolas and run to one of the small lane.

“I spared you this time!” Legolas walked back to the inn.

*********** ******************* *****************************

Night-3 Ends. Please wait for me to declare the start of Day 3.

Note: We have 7 warriors already in Level 2. Beware!

Owner to the inn: woon


1. GC

2. Dms172

3. Reaymond

4. Impervious

5. SomeGuy

6. Kat

7. ST

8. renan


10. Riranor

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Day 3

Below are the 6 NPC(s):

NPC A: Number 1, I have to cut the carrot, Number 2, I have to boil the water, Number 3 ….

NPC B: I am not a Chinese, please don’t ask the meaning of ‘yin-yang’

NPC C: No! Song is not the past tense of sing, ‘sang’ is!

NPC D: How many time I told you, don’t mix the pea and peanuts together? They are different thing!

NPC E: I swear I saw the fairy last night. She was wearing a golden crown and smiled at me.

NPC F: Item which are round? Hmm, ball, marbles, watermelon, and the ring!

OK! Day 3 Start! Send me your PM now. :)

For those who sure will meet the magical warrior for the second time, you can tell him your decision in your PM too.

For those who sure will meet the trade man for the second time or more, you can tell him what do you going to buy or sell, just name it in your PM.

Good luck

Edited by woon
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Thanks everyone.

It is so coincidence that the magic warrior who attack Reaymond is using water elemented magic. Then I remember Reaymond is a good swimmer so that's how the story goes! :)

:lol: , well, that says something about the warrior that attacked reay... :o :o :o

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my PM is in ;) Sorry, ISP was being annoying :(.

Woon, did you just out my character to the magician that attacked me :o ?

Am I missing something? :huh: And why do I have the feeling that someone knows my identity? Is there some kind of magic or potion that can do that?

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my PM is in ;) Sorry, ISP was being annoying :(.

Woon, did you just out my character to the magician that attacked me :o ?

Did I? I don't think so.

For this part, I am entirely follow mafia style. Attackers in character names and targets in player names. That's why I keep emphasize if your PM is to attack a player, PM me the name of the player, not the warrior. Otherwise, I have to use character-attack-character instead of character-attack-player.

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Am I missing something? :huh: And why do I have the feeling that someone knows my identity? Is there some kind of magic or potion that can do that?

That's why I name night 3 a night with magical spells. Few warrior choose to use magical attack. Few warrior gain temporary special ability from apprenticed wizard. B))

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Day 3 – Result

Some new scenes:

Sombral found a little kid snuggling Treasure Fairy. Sombral took a bow to her for giving him the special item on last visit. Treasure Fairy smiled and gave him a rosewood-made box. “Bring this kid with you also. In any night, if you able to escort her to her home at the Dark Forest at the east, the rosewood-made box will be opened. The item inside belongs to you.”

************** *************** ******************** ******************

The magical warrior stared at Seraphim and spoke, “My child, the magical attack somehow have limitations, but those can be resolve later. The limitations are ...... (check PM)

************** *************** ******************** ******************

Apprenticed Wizard happily informed Trade man who near her, “I have made another 3 spell today!”

Trade man replied, “Hey, what a coincidence! I have made 3 businesses too!”

************** *************** ******************** ******************

In Day 3:

Magical Warrior visited by K-T, Anna, Dominatrix, Seraphim,

Treasure Fairy visited by Sombral, Myrddin, Anna,

Trade Man visited by Dominatrix, Zuchious, Drakone, Legolas

Experience Traveler visited by Sombral, Legolas, K-T, Puck

Boring Rich Man visited by Puck, Drakone

Apprenticed Wizard visited by Myrddin, Seraphim, Zuchious

OK, day 3 ends and

Night 4 starts!


Magical Warriors! Please specify the type of training or attacking you are going to use (Magical or Physical) Otherwise I will treat you are using physical type.

Mission taker! If you are going to perform the mission, please PM me also how many HP you are going to use for attacking your challengers.

Good Luck

Prologue & Introduction

Night 1 Result

Day 1 Briefing

Day 1 Result

Night 2 Result – A long night

Day 2 Result

Night 3 Result – A night with magical spells

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