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4 letters => 6 words


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teas, east, seat, sate, eats, etas

Take four letters and arrange them into six differently spelled words.

No proper names, abbreviations, etc ... you know the drill.

Just ordinary words you'd find in any dictionary.

Use each letter exactly once in each word.


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I've previously written a nice word puzzle script, which takes in a huge list of words, and creates a list of anagram "siblings". One of the special functions is to find, for each word length, the largest anagram set of siblings. 


Length: Count, Anagram Siblings

2: 2, ba, ab
3: 5, abr, arb, bar, rab, bra
4: 8, abel, albe, blae, bela, blea, beal, able, bale
5: 13, arces, acers, races, scare, cares, acres, caser, scrae, serac, ceras, sacre, carse, escar
6: 6, reshod, shored, horsed, hordes, dehors, shoder
7: 2, egilops, epilogs
8: 2, aegilops, spoilage

For length of 4, there are 8 siblings in the "abel" set. While I trust my word list sources, some of these may not truly count as English. For instance, I can only find a Dutch entry for "abel". "Blae" is nominally Scots, but is found in Northern England, so it must be English!


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