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Game Relay

Relay, is a kind of sports where each team member needs to contribute so the run can be completed. Relay baton is handover to another person so he can continue with holding the baton and run.

How do we start?

For every round, I will start the game by given a word in the below format:

Start: time

What you need to do is to change some letters from this word and make it to another meaningful word (For this case, it to change the word time to another word). Then change it again and again until you have 20 of them, like this:

1. tame (change 'i' to 'a')

2. came (change 't' to 'c')

3. camp

4. damp

5. lamp

6. lump

7. dump

8. jump

9. junk (change 2 letters, m to n and p to k)

10. ….continue until you reach 20.

If each time you only make 1-letter change, no point will be deducted from you. However, if you make more than 1 letter change, then points will be deducted like this:

2 letters change, deduct 1 point

3 letters change, deduct 2 points.

4 letters change, deduct 3 points and so on.

For completing the 20 answers, you gain 20 points.

The Trap System

To increase the excitement of this game, there is some trap system along the game. Every time when you PM me your answer, you also need to submit 4 words which the first word represent the first trap for answer 1-5, second trap for answer 6-10, third trap for answer 11-15 and last trap for answer 16-20.

For example, one your opponent PM me his answer and the trap like this:

My answers:

1. xxxx

2. yyyy

3. zzzz

4. …

My trap:

1. lump

2. junk

3. look

4. high

As you can see now, your opponent set lump and junk as the trap words which appear in your answer list too. But because ‘lump’ represent the trap for answer 1-5, but you answer lump in #6, so the trap is not effective and you are saved. However, your answer junk which is in #9, falls into his trap because his second trap (for answer 6-10) is junk!

So, whoever hit the traps, will lose 2 points each time. And the 2 points will transferred to the person who set this traps.

The bonus system

There is a word which I will select it as the bonus word. I will put a riddle about this bonus word so you could guess and try to put this as one of your 20 answers. If one of your answer hits the bonus word, then you gain extra 5 points.

What happen if someone set the bonus word as trap word?

If this is happen, the bonus word become void. No bonus word and no bonus point in that round.

What is the winning conditions?

There will be a few round until someone become the winner.

The first round is considered as warm-up round, no elimination.

Second round onwards, there will be elimination as per listed below:

If 16 and above, each round eliminate 5

If 11 – 15, then each round eliminate 4

If left 7 – 10, then each round eliminate 3

If left 4-6, then each round eliminate 2

If left 3, then eliminate 1

Final round….all those who has eliminated send me your trap word, then between the final 2, who hits the trap the least will be the winner

Time allocated

Time allocate for you to submit your PM is within 36 hours after the starting word posted.

Current players registered

Host: woon

1. andromeda

2. limeliam

3. CL

4. ST

5. Impervious

6. Kat

7. Kay

8. Crazypainter

9. RainThinker

10. GC

11. Clozo

12. Lemonymelon

13 LIS

Although there will be only 13 here, I will not stop recruit players as long as we are still in the first round. Just update the name list above and PM me your answer and trap like below format:

My answers:








My traps





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perhaps woon should answer that....

NO :)

I've been discussing rules with Woon for quite a while. This was never an option, but I do admit it was never mentioned.

In "The Oddest Out" you could repeat words but here it just wouldn't make sense. I think that Woon will back me up :D

Edited by andromeda
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Thanks Woon for the links!

One question: can we use a word multiple times in our list or in the traps? I'm guessing no, but just making sure :P

Well, I think being a brain den member, no one will like to use the repeated answers in list of 20. Right?

So the answer is NO. :)

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We are still waiting for

1) the sister

2) the brother

2) exam taker

3) Philosopher when the water drop from sky

4) a prime author.

who are they? :)

Wow, it takes skill to incorporate riddles into this game ;)

2) Mekal?

3) PT?

4) Jrod?

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Erm, sorry Woon (I really am) but I have to drop out...I'm really busy, and just realized that I signed up for a couple too many things...but I'll help Liam to stay in the game ;)


It is ok, so I will combine both of you to be just 1 participant kat/limeliam ? :)

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Hey woon, who's left to send in their answers?

Hmm...well...there were 5 people originally.

-Kat and Limey sent in theirs (and became one)

-Impervious mentioned something about having exams right now, and said he will sent his in 5 hours almost 24 hours ago

So, we're waiting on 1-2 people, or has everyone sent in theirs? :D

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