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Ball in a Hole


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the last 6 ppl to post have been ppl with only 1 post, and have all given the same solution...

READ! The solution has been posted probably thousands of times!!! dont get an account just so you can re-invent the wheel on this one simple problem!

the admin should seriously lock this topic

the admin enjoys this topic and will not lock it

it's more a guestbook since the solution is clear from the first page ... but first post to this topic hopefully leads to many other interesting posts

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This is my first stab at posting a reply, so here goes. Since the ball cannot be reached, and the pipe cannot be moved, it's only logical to assume a

solution must be applied. At first I toyed with pushing air in rather than sucking the air out. When I was a teenager we did a little trick with a hair dryer and a pingpong ball, keeping it
using air from underneath, so what originally gave me the air idea also disproved it's effectiveness. The air must push past the ball before it can push it up. Equal forces negate each other. Then thinking about it floating, it hit me pingpong balls float. My conclusion is pour a liquid in till the ball is in reach. Well, that's my answer anyways. Now on to the elevator one that has me stumped...lol


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Easy, get a whole bunch of straws, probably 8, then attach them all together, or selotape them alltogether, then make the tip of the straws touch the top of the ball and suck, then from your end of the straws, put your tounge there so the suction on the ball will still stay, and then just walk away backwards from the pips, and tada, you got the ball out of the hole!

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