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The Man in the Elevator


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I mean,this is ridiculous!If I was short,I would always carry a stick with me(because of the elevator) :)

I agree...well.. for the most.

He could leave the stick in the elevator...

or hide the stick outside in a bush (?) (so that someone won't clean it out of the elevator...)

(It would kill to carry a stick around...)

Always think out of the box!! :lol::lol:

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The man enjoys walking the stairs. However, he picks up his child from the sitter, splitting the duty with his significant other.

The sitter is on the 7th floor. ("in the evening, he gets into the elevator"" does not specify on the ground level)

On those days, he holds the door to the elevator open for his child (someone already in the elevator does not specify that the person in the elveator has traveled yet).

He goes straight home in the elevator, the quickest way to travel when carrying a child and their "stuff." On rainy days he is late (significant other has already picked up the child) and needs to cut off some minutes so he travels by elevator as well.

On all other days, he checks in at the sitter to see if his significant other has already picked up the child and perhaps if there is anything the family has left behind.

This is the scenario that my family plays out every day driving and picking up from daycare :D

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the lobbies on the first floor so he goes up a set of staires t get thier? 1 flight then the other 2 to get to his room?? much confusion!! :rolleyes:

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The man is a dwarf. He can reach only till the 7th floor button of the elevator. If he is accompanied by some other person, he asks them to press the 10th floor button. Otherwise, when it's raining, he carries an umbrella. He presses the 10th floor button with that

wow is that really it??

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the man is short.... he can reach the bottom floor button... when he tries to hit the top button to go on the top floor,he can't. he is too short... he will have an umbrella when it is raining so he can hit the top button. when he is with someone else.... they can push the top button.... btw we did this is our gifted program so thats how i know DUH :P

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Hi Guys,

This is my first post -- registered just now :rolleyes:

I read this post and was compelled to answer

Saw that all of you have come up with the same answer -- Midget Man!

Let's say that the guy is of normal height, then what could be a logical answer to this?

Assuming that the building has only 1 elevator, all the people who are headed down would also join the man on his way UP to 10th floor

According to probability, the probability of people going UP is more when the lift is at lower levels (Ground floor, 1st floor, 2nd floor, 3rd floor, etc. in the decreasing order of probability). So when the man reaches 7th floor, most of the people going UP have got down and he might be feeling guilty that the elevator is going UP only for him where as most of the crowd wants the elevator to go DOWN (probability wise)

So only if he has company, he goes further UP from 7th floor. Else, he gets down at 7th floor and walks!!

Now why doesn't he have the same guilty feeling when he goes DOWN? "He always takes the elevator all the way DOWN". The funny thing about probability when going down is that there is always company (~99%) till ground floor because people using elevator to go DOWN obviously want to go OUT of the building, for which you need to reach the ground floor

Now why does he not have the guilty feeling on rainy days? Because he is all soaked? Maybe!! Or maybe because during a rainy day there would be less no. of people wanting to go OUT of the building, hence lesser no. of people wanting to go DOWN. So he happily takes the elevator all the way UP to 10th floor

I guess it explains it all. Except for . . . (maybe the smart ones out of you would be able to question me B)) )

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I think the reason is that the man is a short person that's why he couldn't reach the number 10. But, if there's someone else in the elevator, he could ask that person to push the number for him or if it's raining because he would use his umbrella to push the number 10. :)

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Hey there ! I think that I have an alternative answer to this question .

The man's wife is waiting for him to get home.However, he is having an affair with a lady on the 7th floor and visits her before he gets back after work.When it is raining , he goes home because his wife would notice that he is dry or his umbrella is dry when he gets back into the house , hence suspecting him of being in the building for a long time before he steps into the house . If there are people in the lift , they would see that he is going to a floor which he is not supposed to be on ,raising suspicion. So the only time he can go is during a non-rainy day when there is noone looking at him . What do you think?

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I got it!

the janitor who's in charge of the top floors. If it was raining, he'd have to mop the seventh floor and up. If there was another person, he'd have to get out at the seventh floor, at the least, to clean the foot prints.

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