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1. Guam bird sodium

2. Petroleum inner surface of the terminal part of a limb

3. Alternative pain

4. 500 consumed

5. A super alcoholic beverage fifth in series

6. A lunar excursion model above

7. Related to Columbus’s original destination aluminum carbonyl process

8. The 56th grandmother

9. Extremely unfriendly herb

Have fun ;)

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Wow! I used to atleast understand your riddles earlier. Now I have to wait and read other people's post to try and get a clue. huh.gif

You ever think of getting in the cloak and daggers business? tongue.gif

i agree completely! :P

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Here we go again......another night no sleep......thanks andromeda :D


Yes... ahh don't mention it... :D



key lime ?


Petroleum - Oil

the only fruitish thing I can think of would be Palm

Oil Palm ?

Banana Ba(rium) Nana

Yes and yes

Vaseline? Wait. Is it supposed to be food or fruit or something?

Is it poison ivy? Although I'm not sure it's a herb....I don't have a clue for the others

No and no

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back for more... :)



jerk spice

#1 is good the other two are no.

other suffer

No and this one is still unsolved (fruit and vegetables)


3. Alternative pain

5. A super alcoholic beverage fifth in series

9. Extremely unfriendly herb

Edited by andromeda
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