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Around the log two leaves of water lily,

What am I might sound so silly.


Two jackdaws standing side by side,

But they will never see each other,

Can you tell me why?


The cutters are cutting,

The crumblers are crumbling,

And one guy with muscles,

Who has to tousle.

These are old Serbian riddles, so no robots, cars and aliens!



Stay close, don't go too far!

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Salt & Pepper shakers

No to both. When I said

that we use it every day I meant the lost tribes in Papua New Guinea use them too. But some people can't use some of those things. When I say we I mean mammals!


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What do you mean in the previous post? mammals use water, as do the tribes in PNG :P

Yeah you got me there :lol: :lol: :lol:

Things are described poetically in methaphores, so it's not about a tree log or a water lily leaf... but something that resembles...


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weathervanes - don't think the tribes had those but oh well lol


Welcome to the Den and a good start!

#1 is a yes. The full answer is

ears around the head (head being the log

:lol: )

As for the second one, it's a no, but these three riddles have a common theme! ;)

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